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Whenever it comes to compare crypto wallets for iOS, then you are eager to scrutinize the reliable options for it. Investment is a pivotal matter, which must be taken very seriously for safety. So it is very important to explore all types of wallets and what they offer. If you are unable to make any final decision, then drop your worries, as we are going to help in bringing some of the best cryptocurrency wallets for iOS, today. So just check out the list given below.


If you are seeking for multi-cryptocurrency wallets for mobile, then your search ends with Coinomi. This is one of the best cryptocurrency wallets, supporting around 1,770 tokens and altcoins. Digital currencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin are among its favourite list. Here, you won’t have to worry much about funds, as they are secured with private keys, cryptography, and powerful wallet encryption. Coinomi also promises with anonymity, by having the absence of IP association, KYC, verification connectivity, and tracking of transactions. Coinomi fits the bill in terms of privacy and sturdy support. It excels in good fees, cold staking, one-time backup, and UXTO control.


Blockchain, as the name appears, makes us understand the underlying digital technology, on which cryptocurrencies, including the major one, Bitcoin functions. But do you know, there is a wallet in the name of blockchain which is listed prominently among the million cryptocurrency wallets in several countries. This cryptocurrency wallet is carrying major digital currencies like Stellar, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and its hard fork, Bitcoin Cash. A very important fact which you must know about the Blockchain wallet is linguistic, supporting 21 languages. Akin to other cryptocurrency wallets, this wallet is also non-custodial. With a twelve-word back-up phrase, it supports two-factor recovery and testing. It asks the user for setting up a four-digit pin.


If you don’t want the unwanted number of apps on your phone, then Abra provides you with an amazing software package with the two-in-one facility. The reason it is listed among the cryptocurrency exchanges is its multi-feature as a free software wallet for iOS and as the best crypto platform. To begin, funds are deposited easily via cryptocurrency, bank, Visa, American Express, and Mastercard. If you find its use more like a wallet, then you must know that it supports major cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Bitcoin also. 


Sounds amazing, isn’t it? Well, of course, it is not a breakfast food which we are referring to, but a cryptocurrency wallet, sharing the same name. It requires a very simple step in sending and receiving a particular cryptocurrency. It is also possible to buy currencies like ETH and BTC in the app, directly. The service of Bread is safe and much appreciated among the users of iOS. 

This makes it one of the better cryptocurrency wallets. To add more interest, this wallet provides a program, called ‘BRD Rewards’. If you are a holder of BRD token, then 50% of savings will be received to you.


If you are looking for the next best option among the cryptocurrency wallets, that promises availability, and safety, then you can tick on to Bitpay. This crypto wallet is very easy and is supportive of big choices of cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, and its hard fork, Bitcoin Cash. It permits the generating of multiple wallets. 


These are some of the best cryptocurrency wallets which can be referred for iOS. However, the more it seems to choose any of the given choices, the more it can be complex. Having the number of blockchains and digital currencies, there are separate design approaches and safety rules. So now you can better try out these best-rated apps, which will erase uncertainty to some extent. If your curious mind is still seeking for another iOS option, then it is Unstoppable, a decentralized crypto wallet app. You can even prefer for the best cold wallets; in case you are not okay with hot wallets. As per your need, there is always an iOS wallet for your experience.

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