Top Five Ways You Can Purchase Ethereum

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Ethereum is a cryptocurrency which was introduced by Vitalik Buterin on 30 July 2015. It introduced the concept of the smart contract, which is a program that runs on the Ethereum Virtual Machine provided by Ethereum blockchain. This cryptocurrency is the second-largest virtual currency just after Bitcoin in terms of market capitalization. There exist many platforms that provide Ethereum price prediction services. Moreover, Ethereum hosts a majority of Initial Coin Offerings(ICOs). Customers are always looking to buy Ethereum because its value rose earlier. In this article, I am going to tell you the best ways to purchase Ethereum.

Top 5 Ways To Purchase Ethereum

1 Debit Card Or Credit Card

Purchasing Ethereum using a debit card or credit card is one of the most popular ways. There are several crypto exchanges and brokers such as eToro, Coinbase etc. that allow users to buy Ethereum. eToro allows purchasers to use Mastercard, Visa and Diner’s Club for both selling and buying Ethereum. The platform charges a fee of about $25 dollars both for sale and purchase.

2 PayPal

Next way to buy Ethereum is by using PayPal, the world’s largest payment platform. The platform allows one to buy a few quantities of Ethereum worth about 2000 euros. Although there are some platforms such as TransferWise and Skrill, PayPal is the top choice when it comes to trading with cryptocurrencies. Two popular platforms that allow buying and selling of Ethereum using PayPal are eToro and LocalEthereum.

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3 Bank Transfer

Banker transfer is a method that is useful for both small and large Ethereum purchases. Customers should be very cautious while choosing the appropriate cryptocurrency exchange because they may face issues related to privacy and security. In addition to this, there are many other factors such as fees involved, deposit timings, supported countries while buying Ethereum using this method. 

4 Cash

You can directly use cash to buy Ethereum or any other cryptocurrency. When it comes to buying cryptocurrency using cash, LocalCryptos is the most reliable platform. In this platform, buyers have to spend 0.75% of escrow fees and buy Ethereum or other cryptos using either cash or bank transfer method. While using this method, it should be noted that what fiat currency is supported by the platform. The option for using cash for making a purchase is available all around the world and can vary from a few dollars to hundreds or thousands of dollars. 

5 Cryptocurrency

Yes, you read it right! A cryptocurrency can be used to buy another cryptocurrency. For example, one could use Bitcoin to buy Ethereum or one could use Ethereum to purchase Bitcoin. Trading using cryptocurrencies involves the largest trade volume, which can reach more than billions of dollars in a single day. The most popular cryptocurrency exchange which allows trading using other digital currencies is Binance. Other crypto exchanges that allow buying Ethereum using other cryptos are Coinbase, Bitstamp, BitPanda, Kraken and many more. 

Final Thoughts 

In this article, I have given the five most popular ways to purchase Ethereum. As these digital currencies operate in a very low-regulated or completely unregulated environment, it becomes very crucial to be cautious while purchasing them. Moreover, the crypto industry is extremely volatile, and cryptos can see a sudden rise or fall within a single day. Several latest news on Ethereum is readily available on the internet. Although using a debit card or credit card is the most popular method, buying cryptocurrency using another cryptocurrency boasts most enormous trade volumes. Cryptocurrencies, together with blockchain, are getting more and more attention from all around the world, and it could be expected that these currencies will dominate in the coming years.

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