An ultimate guide to the best Blackjack strategy

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Blackjack is not a very complicated game, and by applying a few simple strategies, one can master it. Here, we will list some basic ones, like counting cards to probability theories like Martingale. Once you have read this article thoroughly, you will know the strategy of how to master the game of Blackjack.

But first, are these strategies guaranteed?

There is never a guarantee for a strategy to work! The reason is that they are simply some tricks that can give you a winning edge when they are applied to the game appropriately. So, you can start with understanding the value of each card, and then excel in the art of counting the cards. Counting the cards helps a player understand better when to hit or stand in the game, which is a crucial part of Blackjack.

Value of cards

The picture does not increase or decrease the card’s worth more than the number 10 card.

But, when it comes to Aces, the count can get a bit complicated. You can count them as ones as well as elevens depending on the situation of the game. The starting hand of A5 will count as 16, but the next cards decide the value of an Ace in the game and the hand.

Basic Blackjack strategy

Blackjack strategy is a mind game, and you need to be quite active to win it. Every time you deal with a hand, you need to make a decision. You need to tell if you would hit, stand, double down, or split. Here is the first step where the strategy will work for you. The plan will also help you make the right decisions with each hand that you play.

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  • Scenario 1

The dealer’s upcard is 4, and you have 9+3 in your hand. In this case, you will hit. Why? It is quite simple because the chances for you to bust are minimal as compared to the dealer. There can be cards worth the value of 12 in your hand while the dealer has 4. Due to the minimal disadvantage, you shall hit rather than standing out.


  • Scenario 2

The upcard that the dealer has is 10, and you have 8+7 in your hand. You shall hit in this case. The probability of the dealer getting a total between 17 and 21 is quite high, and standing out might not be a good option because of the low likelihood of the player having a total between 17 and 21. So, you could take a risk and hit it.

Counting cards

Card counting is an essential technique for a game like Blackjack. You need to use mathematics to win the game, evaluate if the hand is beneficial to the player or dealer, and accordingly, decide how much to wager. It can be done merely by remembering the count of the small and high cards already played in the game. If you successfully use the strategy of counting cards, the house edge could decrease to as low as 1%.

Single deck game

Having a number in mind for every card is the basic strategy for card counting. For example, considering the small cards to have +1 as their removal will benefit the player. Also, the higher cards should be valued at -1 because their removal from the deck will directly help the house. Other cards 7,8, and 9 can be valued 0 as they do not impact the game much.

Multiple deck game

You cannot use the card counting strategy in a multiple deck game. You can start by counting the cards regularly as you would do in a single deck game, but you also need to consider the existence of multiple decks. Just divide your current count with the number of cards that stand unplayed, and you will have a sum called true-count, which can be used wisely in the multiple deck game.

Wagering strategy


  • Martingale

Double the bet when losing the game! This strategy could bring you back on even ground with a significant winning amount.

  • d’Alembert

Raise the wager by one unit every time a player loses! Also, whenever you win, lower the chance by one unit.

  • Fibonacci

Play according to the Fibonacci sequence: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, and continue in the same way. If you win, stick with the number you were on.

  • 1-3-2-6

Play in the sequence of 1, 3, 2, and 6 consecutively till you lose because then you remain at one until you win.

  • Parlay

Play in a pyramid sequence! It is one of the progressive playing systems.

  • Oscar’s Grind

Chances increase if there is a win. Every time you win, double your chances and do this over and over again.


These were some basic Blackjack strategy. Try these tricks in an instant online casino, and you might win a reasonable sum of money.


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