What Opinion Do Top Businessmen Have About Cryptocurrency?

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Ever since the concept of cryptocurrency and blockchain has made stemmed from its roots all over the world, it became a big posing challenge for hedge funds, real estate, banking, law administration, and whatever it touched. Both these digital concepts are aiming to bring changes in many industries. The example of Bitcoin millionaire stories is enough to reveal the success of the digital currency. However, amid rising popularity graph of cryptocurrencies as well as blockchain, there are mixed opinions among the top businessmen, regarding these digital technologies. So let us delve into to know about what they think about cryptocurrency. Let us begin with:

Mark Zuckerberg

It will sound weird if you don’t know about Mark Zuckerberg, one of the top businessmen and founder of Facebook. We all know that this social media has become an eminent part of our lives. It allows the user to share pictures, chatting with their dear ones, and other things. But the need for Facebook is not limited to these things, rather it has become the best platform for many businesses in promoting or say marketing their content or product. But unfortunately, Facebook faced a debacle launch of its stablecoin, Libra. It was even said that if this cryptocurrency would have got maximum support from the FB users, then it could have surpassed the fiat currencies of the world.

But there is a different angle also, and it highlights the insecurity among some onlookers regarding Libra to become a threat for major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. According to Mark Zuckerberg, whenever there are things that appear to be delicate for society, it needs time to have a clear discussion about them. It might also need a consultation with the people and knowing about their approach through feedback, and resolving the issue, before paving way for them to move out. The Facebook founder has always kept a positive opinion towards blockchain technology. According to him, the technology on which Bitcoin operates can prove much helpful for Facebook in the coming years. 

Bill Gates

Joining the list among the top businessmen is Bill Gates. Of course, this name is always on everyone’s memory. After all, he is the software genius and co-founder of a popular software company, Microsoft Corporation. Having a net worth of more than $100 billion, this business icon has expressed his opinion about Bitcoin during an interview in 2014. The Microsoft co-founder applauded Bitcoin to be the best currency than other currencies. 

However, he had smartly pulled back his remarks and pointed out the anonymity factor in cryptocurrencies, which according to him, is not appropriate for transactions. In 2018, during an interview, Bill Gates again expressed his opinion about cryptocurrency. In that interview, he termed Bitcoin and ICO as tentative. But he did support blockchain technology for its advantages.

Larry Ellison

Larry Ellison is also a big name among the top businessmen, having worth of $50 billion. He is a popular co-founder of Oracle. Being a top business icon, Larry ranks seven among the world’s richest men list. This billionaire businessman has too voiced his opinion about cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin and like Bill Gates, he is also convinced with the advantages of blockchain technology. 

Warren Buffett

Now here comes a big critic of cryptocurrency, Warren Buffett. He doesn’t need any special introduction since he is an established business icon, which every people know about. Now contrary to the above-mentioned business tycoons, Warren differs in his opinion about cryptocurrency. He once termed Bitcoin to be a ‘’ mirage’’ and do not consider it to be a currency at all. During an interview, Buffett cleared about his approach to welcoming new technologies. But he was not found friendly with cryptocurrencies. According to Warren, there is no point in owning cryptocurrencies, as they have zero values. He doesn’t find any need to own cryptocurrency presently and in the future. 

Jeff Bezos

Joining the brigade of top businessmen is Jeff Bezos. According to the Forbes list, this wealthy man has a net worth of $130 billion. Jeff Bezos is popularly known as the founder of Amazon. There have been a lot of rumours about him investing in Bitcoin. But this business colossus has denied this rumour and has expressed no desire to welcome Bitcoin as the mode of payment on Amazon. 


So this is the list of top businessmen who have opined differently about cryptocurrencies. Some agreed, some disagreed. However, despite all odds, cryptocurrency has shown no sign of being wiped off or getting crashed due to non-acceptance in certain countries or many people in the business. Well, no matter how much success cryptocurrency has gained in the last couple of years, still, there is always an uncertain risk of volatility, hacking, and other prevalent issues that brings it in the circle of doubts among its critics. There might be differences in the opinion of people about cryptocurrencies, but there are success stories related to it, including Indian Bitcoin millionaire, Akshay Haldipur.

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