Tips to Help You Choose The Right Promotional Feather Flags

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People used Promotional Feather Flags to advertise their brands. If you choose an advertising flag, we recommend that you consider a few important points. This article will help you choose the right feather flag that suits your needs.

Single-sided or double-sided

You can choose between single-sided and double-sided printing. With the double-sided you can use both sides for advertising. Most digitally printed Promotional Feather Flagsusually have graphics on one side, i.e. on the front.

If you buy the double-sided variant, you should know that you have to spend a little more money as these are more expensive. They also weigh a little more, which affects the flight.


You can choose between different shapes, e.g. B. sail, teardrop, swooper or feather. Make sure they have one thing in common: the right frame type. This is important if you want to raise the flag even when there is no wind. Made By The Best Gossip.

The choice of style depends on your personal choice and budget. Usually the drop style is the most popular.


To determine the size, you need to consider your purpose and the place where you want to place it. At an outdoor event, high flags are a good choice as they can help you draw people’s eyes from afar. On the other hand, small Promotional Feather Flags can work better if you intend to promote your business.

Flag design

When designing, pay attention to an attractive design. Ideally, it is better to have your company name, logo, and event name on the flag. Bold colors make it even more attractive. However, make sure there is some contrast between the graphics and the background. Ideally, white letters work better on a black background.

Material and printing

Most flags are printed using computer systems, which means that the cost of each flag drops significantly. If you buy in bulk, you can often get a discount. Therefore, it is better to order a few more than you need to reduce the unit cost.

Screen printing is an ideal choice for particularly long flags as they deliver high quality but inexpensive prints. We Bring Good friday images to Life.


You can choose from many bases for better stability. We recommend a spike for soft floors. On the other hand, you may want to use a water-filled mat for hard floors.


The flag is attached to a sturdy frame so that you can easily store and transport the device. The frame has many sections for easy operation. Aluminum and fiberglass are the two most common materials used to make the frame.

If you want to choose the right one, opt for aluminum as it offers a longer life. However, aluminum is somewhat more expensive. Good Friday pictures Gets Me Excited.

So if you want to buy a lot of advertising flags, we recommend that you follow the tips above. Choosing the right flag is easier if you make a selection based on the guidelines provided.

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