Things to Know About Printers and Printer Ink Cartridges

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If you want to buy ink cartridges for your new printer or want to fill up the ink before you put your best computer printers for sale, you can’t just buy anything! As there are different types of printers & different types of printer inks too. So before you go ahead and buy something that will not fit into your printer, knowing about the types of printer ink cartridges and types of printers will assist you in making the right decision. So here are different types of printer Inks and types of printers:

Types of Printers and Printers ink Cartridges

There are two types of printers available in the market – Inkjet printers and Laser printers.

Both the printers are different in shape, size, and component; plus, they use different types of computer printer ink cartridge. So, knowing which type of printer you have will help you decide which type of ink is best for you.

Laser Printers

Laser printers are gaining popularity day by day due to their cost-effective and durable qualities. They are not only faster than other printers, but also can print more pages in black and white for half the cost per page. Their speed is twice as high as other printers and they are widely popular among offices across the globe. The cost-effectiveness of laser printers is also encouraging more people to use them in their homes. Laser printers are also good for printing colored graphs and text.

Typically all laser printers use toner as ink. Toner is a fine powder that is fused by a drum unit to the page using heat. Laser printers give a better result on a normal printing paper with the toner and hence, does not wet the page or smudge any text while printing. Toners print text in a more crisp and clearer manner.

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However, printing high-quality images will not be a good idea as the toner head can create noticeable banding on a high-quality image.

Inkjet Printers

Inkjet printers are widely popular among people looking for a compact and cost-effective printer. One of the best qualities of inkjet printers is that they use liquid ink for printing. It gives high-quality results in terms of a photograph. In inkjet printers, there are two types of printer ink cartridges used:

Dye-based Ink

Dye-based Ink cartridges are comparatively cheaper and use coloration that is dissolved in a liquid, either water or glycol. Dye-based Ink also dries quickly and gives a high-quality result. Having a liquid base, it is easier for the ink to flow from the printer head to the page. This type of ink is cost-effective and is super sharp for text and creates rich vibrant colors in any image or text printing. Almost all the standard inkjet printers use Dye-based Ink.

Dye-based Inks are not waterproof and take 5-25 years to fade. If you are using dye-based ink for printing it is better that you choose the paper wisely as it can wet the paper very easily.

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If the quality of the printing paper is not good enough it might affect the quality of the print as well as damage the paper. For photographs, using photo paper can give you a high-quality image as it will pull the liquid from the die deeper into the core of the paper giving it a more rich and vibrant look.

Pigment Ink

Pigment Ink cartridges are known for giving high-quality and high-resolution photo print quality. It is generally used by professionals who need a wider range of tones than standard Dye-based Ink set. Pigment Ink cartridges are best for printing on different kinds of paper with a high-quality result.

Generally, professional photographers use Pigment Ink to get a good quality photograph with depth, sharpness, and tone. You can use different combinations of paper and ink to get a high-end photo. The matte paper and glossy photo paper are the best fit for this type of computer printer ink cartridge.


Now that you know what are the different types of printers and different types of inks used, you can get the right printer ink. You can also choose your computer printer ink cartridge depending upon what you need to print.

This information will help you not only to choose the right ink, but also in saving a great deal of money in the long run.

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