Sleeve Can Be Added to Boxes According to Your Need

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From spicing up the visuals to ensuring the dynamic protection for the packaged items, sleeve boxes are perfect to be used for any product. These cardboard boxes are highly sturdy in nature, and the sliding sleeve on the exterior of the design effectively keeps all sorts of damaging factors away from the packaged products.

Importance of design

When it comes to the packaging of the product, protection is the first-ever point which comes in mind. The packaging is always the basic protective medium for the product that keeps it safe from all sorts of factors. It helps in withstanding exerted pressures in the shipping and storage process in addition with keeping any sort of contaminants out of the packaged product. But the fact is that every packaging design is not the same. Sleeve boxes wholesale supplies are preferred by brands due to the number of benefits it provides. The design is highly versatile and introduced in a number of designs.

Safety to the products

The design is highly effective when it comes to the protection of the packaged items. Cardboard sleeve packaging suppliers can provide you with the highly effective designs of sleeves that effectively work to keep the product damage free. These sleeves are manufactured of card stock materials such as corrugated cardboard, Bux board, and Kraft materials, these materials have a high stacking capacity and can serve as a perfect barrier from external factors that can result in damage to the products. They also work effectively for the protection of sensitive items such as pharmaceutical and edible items such as macrons due to the tight seal they form, once the box is closed.

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Adds into the packaged products

This style is also effective for adding values in the packaged products. Printed boxes can be introduced with sleeves in order to further elevate their appeal. These sleeves can also be effectively printing to convey essential information related to the products. There are a number of printing and design options available for this style, and manufacturers can make use of those options to spice the visuals and feel of the boxes. These options can also be used for printing safety instructions for the packaged products of a sensitive nature. Custom printed sleeve boxes designed in such a way can also result in better sales of a brand due to visuals and functionality.

The versatility of the design

One of the main plus points of this packaging design is the high-end flexibility of the packaging sleeve template. These sleeves can be manufactured in any desired shape and size in order to cope with the packaging needs. Due to their cardstock structure, they can be highly customized to be added to any existing packaging design for ensuring its protection in addition to elevating the visuals. Cardboard is the highly flexible material to handles and doesn’t lose its functionality despite the fact that any shape it is molded in. This characteristic helps in designing highly effective boxes. Here are some of the examples of sleeves that can be added to any existing design.

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Use in beauty products

Custom printed sleeves are common to be seen on the beauty product packaging, such as makeup boxes and skincare accessories. These sleeves serve a dual role in the process as they not only help to elevate the visuals of the products but also accommodates the sensitive nature of cosmetics.

Apparel boxes

Sleeves are now common to be seen on different packaging designs, and the apparel industry is not an exception. Kraft sleeve boxes are now widely being used in the industry for providing the consumers with the ultimate level of experience in addition to ensuring the safety of products.

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Gift boxes

When dealing with the gift items, it is highly important for the packaging to be of alluring nature in order to provide the gift recipient with the best experience. Sleeve gift boxes can be a good choice as they are highly customizable and can also be introduced with die-cut windows for elevating the presentation.

Half sleeve

One another highly trending style in the market is half sleeve packaging. It is now being used in the packaging of products such as mobile phones and other sorts of electronic gadgets. Black sleeve boxes are common in the industry for the packaging of such items as they feel premium in nature. Another reason for the growing use of this style is cheap box sleeves available in the market that are perfect for companies with a low budget.

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