More Indians are choosing to study abroad! Find out why…

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Education has always been a cornerstone of Indian culture and for the longest time, Indians have been travelling abroad to get a good education. But never before has this trend caught on as much as it has in these times.

Now that the economy has grown and the size of the Indian middle-class has multiplied many times over, there are more people who have the means to send their children abroad for education. And, there are now a huge number of Indian students who are studying across the world in some of the best universities.

Many Indian students are in-fact choosing to study abroad despite there being good universities and educational institutions in India. In this blog we will explore the reasons behind this trend:

Immigration Opportunity

No other phrase defines this phenomenon like the phrase “The American Dream”. Many Asian & Indian students dream of having a life and career in countries like USA, Canada & UK etc, and getting an education in these countries is considered as a stepping stone towards this goal.

The immigration policies of these countries are such that they make it easier for professionals to get residency, and if you are a student who has graduated from a top university in one of these countries, the chances of you remaining there are higher. An education from a foreign university allows the student to seek employment in those countries which can give them an upper hand when it comes to the immigration process.

Better counselling

Getting admission in a top foreign university can be an intimidating task for young students and navigating this terrain without any kind of support can be quite difficult. However, students can now aspire to get admission in their dream universities without worrying too much about the process.

The quality of counselling available these days is a lot better than it used to be before. In India, there are professional counsellors who can assist students with every aspect of getting a foreign education. Be it preparation for exams like SAT, filling application forms, admission process, scholarship or even accommodations etc, counsellors have the knowhow to help students through the entire process.

Ease of Admission

The levels of competition in India can get quite unreasonable at times and even good students find it difficult to get admission in the top universities and colleges in the country.

In foreign Universities, the process of getting admission may be complicated, but if you are someone with good academic credentials, there’s a good chance that you’ll get admission in a leading institution.

Sports Route

The circumstances for student-athletes in India is abysmal, to say the least. And, pursuing a sport while getting a college education gets you nowhere. This is another reason why many student-athletes are choosing to go offshore to foreign universities where they can pursue their sporting ambitions without compromising on their college education.

The US college sports system is known to have produced some of the best athletes in the world and is, therefore, a preferred destination for aspiring student-athletes.

Better research facilities

Top Universities in countries like US, UK & Canada are also places which are at the forefront of scientific research and are therefore the first choice for doctoral and PhD students. These universities provide excellent research facilities to its students like fully equipped labs, sophisticated technologies and infrastructure.

Getting admission in a foreign university has become easier than ever before. And, if you are an Indian student aspiring to study abroad, now is arguably the best time to get things going!

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