How SWOT analysis Take Over Management of Moxy Patra Marina Hotel?

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The abbreviation SWOT Stands for Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats. The SWOT analysis is a function that helps to understand the functioning systems in the organization. Most of the organizations are include this analysis method to acquire the right treatment for organization development.

Have you ever heard about the most famous Moxy Patra Marina Hotel in Greece? This management is considered as the best one among the ranges of hotel management in Greece. Even the SWOT analysis provides many beneficial factors for this management to develop its fame in the corresponding industry. From the following lines, you can get how SWOT analysis does betterment for Moxy Patra Marina Hotel.

Proactive smart technology in Hotel management

Managers in the hotel management are looking for reactive software to improve their strategy depending on the bottom lines. To identify the weakness in the Hotel management, the in-charge of the Moxy Patra Marina Hotel appoints this SWOT analysis on the company. The SWOT analysis will improve its framework to avoid threats in hotel management

How SWOT analysis works effectively in Hotel management?

Many small business owners in Greece are looking to implement the SWOT analysis for their organization. Before to them, Moxy Patra Marina Hotel Management includes this SWOT analysis and find the increasing value for the organization. The following lines will explain how the SWOT analysis benefits for organizations.

Increases Oriented internal capabilities

The first half of the abbreviation SW plays an important role to find the internal capabilities of the associated organization. By analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the company in the following forms, the Moxy Patra Marina Hotel was improved their potential. The second half of the abbreviation OT helps the organization to outperform the competition.

Expanding revenue with valuable factors

By considering the available room, filled and non-filled occupancy and Average Daily Rate, the SWOT analysis will increase the business fame to customers. With the help of online booking channels, the hotel was increased its value for each normal or guest booking. Even this concept becomes useful for hospitality management to increase their booking systems.

Probability formula to figure revenue percentage

To operate the profits in Hotel management, the Moxy Patra Marina Hotel considered using the EBITDA formulation. EBITDA stands for Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization. By using this formulation, the management can go through the trending reports related to the industry to solve its revenue root causes. Additionally, this formulation helps to get the opportunity for business development by decreasing the weakness.


Encouraging direct bookings

Rather than using the Third-party site, hotel management can get more profits through direct bookings. Some digital marketing agencies can work for hotel management to increase their hotel booking percentages through websites. In the sense, through websites and direct visits, Moxy Patra Marina Hotel was offering the possible rate for customers to make direct bookings.

Ranking against the competitors

When you look into the hotel management, their ratings and services will play an important role to grab user attention. As on the line, the hotel management was implemented the digital operations on the website to get five-star ranking and good reviews from customers.

Without using the reputational management software, this management was increasing its rank towards their competitors. On another hand, they are looking to convert their best website reviews for profitable bookings. By improving the average metric as per the market, this analyzing tool is creating the popularity for corresponding management.

By trying the aforementioned forms altogether, the Moxy Patra Marina Hotel was shifting its focus on priority resources. These valuable opportunities make them decide the priorities to way down the competitors.

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