Lockdown: Latest Trends in Betting And Gambling For 2020

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The gambling industry, and in particular, online gambling, is a business whose future is very closely tied to current technology. To make the gambling and betting industries more appealing to wider demographics, manufacturers are employing a range of tactics, from offering discounts and bonuses, to targeting millennial and the younger populations in general, who stand a better chance of using new technology to improve existing platforms.

The Covid- 19 lockdown has been the biggest catalyst for the growth in online gambling and betting.According to poker industry experts of BeastsOfPoker, many countries have seen over 100% increases in online poker traffic. With millions of people stuck in the house for months, a lot of people found their way onto gambling websites and online gaming platforms, which led to huge demand for high-end technology in these industries.

In response to the demand for superior gaming and gambling platforms, a number of trends have come up recently. Here’s a brief description:

betting trends

Live Dealers

As you may have noted with the most popular online casinos, everyone is rushing to set up live dealers for roulette and card games; and part of this is the need to establish trust with players and to keep people engaged. A lot of these casinos have come up in the past few years, and so there is a sense that the entire industry needs to work together to adopt policies and practices that instill trust among new clientele. If you can feel like the online casino works the same as a casino in Las Vegas, with hundreds of dealers and high-security, then perhaps the gaming experience appears more authentic. Also, dozens of price pools and perks are added to attract new players.

More of Blockchain Casinos

Blockchain is commonly understood as a technology for the finance industry, but its potential extends into many other sectors as well, including online gambling. A new segment in the casino industry is decentralized gambling platforms. Presumably, they offer even tighter security than the usual high-end encryption used to protect user data during financial transactions. Although it is worth noting that blockchain casinos are not the same as Bitcoin casinos. Any regular online casino can accept payment in the form of Cryptocurrency – and many of them do. However, to create a blockchain casino, a whole other approach is needed.

The benefits of blockchain casinos include:

  • Completely decentralized open-ledger system
  • Super-fast processing of actions – and anonymity
  • Users, admin, cannot alter data on transactions. Data is stored in public “smart” contracts
  • The nature of the system allows independent auditing of game fairness
  • Independent “miners” participate in creating and protecting the system, which further improves transparency

Gambling And Sports Betting: Two in One

Sports betting is one market where online gambling platforms are getting a lot of their clientele from. This of course, is because these two industries are very closely linked; but some of it has to do with the fact that in recent months, a worldwide pandemic led to the total shut down of sports betting, leaving millions of sports bettors  with little option except to try gambling websites. Gaming platforms have also started to combine sports betting with traditional gambling, bringing two worlds together – which potentially increases the potential for growth and revenue from these two segments.

Online Bingo And Poker

Few games are as commonly adapted to online gambling as these two. Bingo and Poker are also some of the most popular games, attracting a diverse range of players, both young and old. As far as technology goes, current gaming software speeds up the transfer of data from the gaming platforms to remote computer on the players’ end; but ultimately, the added features such as options to chat with other players, or coming face-to-face with your opponents makes these games more interesting for players.

Technologies such as Virtual Reality have completely changed the gaming experience even for common card games and slot games. And this is only likely to lead to competition for more authentic gaming experiences, which in turn will attract more players.

Social And Mobile Gambling

Even with the huge improvements in VR and other gaming technologies, the majority of players still access online gaming platforms through mobile devices. This means that developers focus a lot of their attention on creating the best user experience for mobile devices, both for browser-based gaming platforms and apps. The challenge with VR is that additional equipment is needed for the experience, while in the case of mobile devices, the challenges tend to involve creating realistic graphics and easy site navigation, among other features.

For the social aspect, players are sometimes offered discussion boards, group challenges, community slots, and so on; as a way to build support for the platform and possibly, generate ideas for creating new features.


So once more, these are the major gaming trends,

  • Live dealers
  • Blockchain
  • VR
  • Mobile games
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