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TikTok has become a medium where its users share knowledgeable content that is edgy and engaging. This content takes school lessons to a whole new level, as these individuals club their teaching expertise and their tech-savviness to give you’re a lesson that you would never have learned before.

The inclusive nature of TikTok has also ensured that these individuals share their content to the farthest corner of the planet, where someone who has remote access to a road that takes them to school, also has a chance to learn.

TikTok’s education campaign, #EduTok, has become a pioneering one prompting thousands of content creators to become educators using affordable data, and brilliant content. The combination has been a success and #EduTok has garnered over 54 billion views, proving once again that TikTok is the preferred medium of creative expression for 200 million users across India.

If you want to learn something today, follow these TikTok users that have something new for you to learn everyday!

Edwina Gomes: TikTok user Edwina Gomes has regularly shares interesting videos that teach English to her followers. One unique video is where she shows different ways to say no without sounding rude. This lesson is essential to even those who speak fluent English as well, as it highlights how being polite can make so much of a difference even if we reply in the negative. Here’s the TikTok video.

English with Geet: Geet has managed to build a huge following through her TikTok videos. Her videos are not only solos where she teaches English by staring into the screen, but also includes collaborations where she teams up with other users to teach them English. She also explains common mistakes such as the difference between ‘Take Off’ and ‘Take On’. You can watch her TikTok videos here.

Official Dear Sir: Mathematics has put a sense of fear in us. To dispel this mental block, TikTok user officialdearsir shares a series of mathematics videos to make the subject less intimidating. Some of his videos include the Japanese method of multiplying large numbers, as well as the square roots of all numbers ending with 5. Check one of his TikTok videos here.

Studyiqmaths: TikTok user studyiqmaths has a unique way that teaches you to divide any number by 5. The trick is to multiply the numerator by 2 and add the decimal point before the last number. And voila, that is your answer! Watch the TikTok video here

Besides individuals, even e-learning platforms have provided a way to improve learning by joining hands with TikTok. Platforms such as Vedantu, Vidya Guru, Hello English, Toppr, Cetking, and Testbook to promote unique learning methods. Of course, the focus area includes creating content for subjects such as English, mathematics, Hindi, and general knowledge.  Due to its growing popularity in the smaller towns, TikTok has made it extremely easy to target the audience in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. Publishing educational content through the #EduTok programme is a fun and engaging way of learning.  As a result of the collaboration, the e-learning platforms are brainstorming to create unique content for TikTok users such as teaching complex topics in mathematics through entertaining videos and simple tricks.

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