Know Your Employees Before You Hire Them

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A Background Verification will scrutinize whether a candidate’s background fulfills the criteria determined by their current employer.

Employees are facing for an organization and this reason has a direct influence on the company’s reputation. Above all, the right employee has a positive influence on consumer satisfaction as well as in the balance sheet of the company. Thus employers are reluctant to check employee background to develop a secure workplace environment while making sure that employees have the appropriate skills and they can fit in the organizational culture and values.

Background check or verification refers to the process of authenticating the information provided by an applicant to the employer in his/her application, resume, references and interviews. In most application processes, manipulation or falsification of their background information and credentials will end up rejection of the candidate. It is an affirmation practice through which the employer ensures that the information provided by the candidate is accurate.

Background verification of a candidate may include education, employment, criminal records, motor vehicle ad license records and credit history.

What background check do employers conduct?

A common background check comprises the above-mentioned aspects of the candidate to assess his/her candidature for the job.

Background checks are generally carried out by human resource professionals, whereas in some cases supervisor or manager of the position being filled assists, particularly in case of the reference background check.

Companies also conduct investigations to unveil character flaws or criminal tendencies that might be offensive as might jeopardize the employer, deteriorate its reputation, endanger staff and/or limit the effectiveness of the candidate.

However, background verification of people who bare candidates for the same designation needs to be the same to avoid biased decisions. Also, a clear connection needs to exist between the requirements of the job and the background checks conducted.

Background checks are important to secure trust and safety

Major purpose of background check is to make sure that the provided information from the candidate’s end is parallel to his/her personal history to assess whether they pose a threat to others or generally is trustworthy or not.

A criminal background check is very crucial as it relates to the safety of the workplace and the clients as well as organizational reputation also depends on it. However, according to the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (EEOC), personal arrest records cannot be applied by the employer as a negative employment action that includes hiring, suspending and firing.

And while a person’s past actions necessarily do not predict their future actions, background verification is gaining in practice that helps to create trust and safety in the workplace as well as in society.

Nowadays, organizations are too keen to avoid the recruitment of incapable and individual with a complicated background. To avoid the stress of employee screening and Background Verification companies are now relying on professionals and let them execute the task which includes Malaysia Police Check leaves them with ample time and efforts to invest in organizational development and business expansion.

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