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There is something about the battle between the man and the mountain. Mountain captivates the imagination and also has spawned a whole genre of books. People do have a fascination with the mountains and this is the main reason that Mount Aconcagua is the most popular mountain in America.

However, high altitude mountaineering can be an exciting way of seeing the natural world. But at the same time, there are some risks that come along with this adventure. A lengthy preparation is in high need when you are willing to summit a mountain that is over 20,000 ft in a safe way.

Even you are also in need of a large financial commitment and hardcore physical exercise and mental oil of more than 2 weeks.

Where to start?

In order to start the altitude climbing at high altitude, you have to choose a technically simple mountain and that means that you will have to head towards Asia or South America. Well, in these destinations, you are supposed to get the mountain peaks that are labeled as the “Trekking Peaks”.

These destinations are really suitable for people who do not have any prior altitude climbing experience at all. ACONCAGUA is known to be the highest trekking peak and the tallest mountain in the Andes that is standing at 22,841ft or 6962m. Nepal is also on this list of having trekking peaks for amateurs.

Nepal has a variety of trekking peaks. Among other peaks, Mera Peak is known as one of the most popular as it is standing at 21,247ft or 6476m.


If you have no experience in this trekking thing, then you must choose a partner with some experience. Well, it is the best way out of the bad situations that you can get during the expedition. If that person has a good understanding of the effects of the high altitude. In short, go on a commercial expedition instead.

These people normally arrange the logistical operations that include altitude climbing permits, mule or yak transport of equipment for the base camp. Even you will also receive some expert guidance on the time of need. Organized expeditions also offer close monitoring of the team members for the signs of acute altitude sickness.

such conditions can result from the body’s inability to deal with the decrease of the air pressure that is experienced at high altitude climb. Well, it is kinda obvious that if you are a novice, then you will get such condition that your body won’t be able to handle anyway and you will feel sick like hell.

For that reason, it is always better to have an experienced person with you on the expedition as you are not aware of the situation and all the things you will face. In such situations, these people will be of great help. Summiting a 20,000 ft mountain can be the adventure of a lifetime and the commitment requires confidence and well preparation in beforehand. So, get ready for that.

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