Introducing Nick Szabo; A Living Crypto Legend

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There have been many legends that have been the brainchild behind successful technologies. If you have not been abreast of genuine crypto news, then you might have missed knowing about Nick Szabo, a living legend in the crypto world. Although, you may not find him much familiar, especially those who have just started exploring crypto games. But you are unaware of the fact that this living legend has gained a much eminent reputation as a dedicated crypto enthusiast. The interest of this man varies from the basics of money, blockchain technology, and cryptography. All this makes him a person with wide knowledge.

Nick Szabo has gained much experience in computer science and is also a legal scholar. This crypto expert is credited with the launching of ‘smart contracts’. After many years, this smart concept became so relevant element of Ethereum blockchain protocol. It paved a unique process of commerce on digital technology like the internet. His blog ‘Unenumerated’ reveals a lot about his inner thoughts and ideas. So don’t misunderstand him to be an anonymous person. 

This intelligent crypto expert has been active in sharing his ideas on social media and giving public lectures. He has also gained much working experience as a consultant on many projects. Being such a skilful crypto enthusiast, there is still not much fact about Nick Szabo’s location, preference, or whether he is being a professor at any renowned university. But he makes connectivity through his approach to matters like finance and technology. 

There have been many genius ideas that had been scrapped due to the unlawful conduct of the founders. Nick Szabo is considered to be an epitome in the cryptocurrency world. His nature of work is far known. Any single article is unable to present multiple concepts given in his blog. However, two of his major concepts, Bit gold, and smart contracts are worth to notice. 

Bit Gold

It is important for you to know about the Bit Gold. Many believe that this paper is a formation of Bitcoin. Nick Szabo has clearly explained about the modern monetary mechanisms depended on the third party on this paper. Bit Gold as the name suggests represents two basic features of online payment. Bit stand for the bits which means sending and receiving, whereas, ‘Gold’ represents being a precious metal that is not depended on the Third Trusted Parties and serving as a valuable item.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts allow two parties to keep track of the performance of the contract and to simply verify the agreements between the two. Only those selected details are being considered to disclose that is important for the contract completion. 

Is Nick Szabo The Real Satoshi Nakamoto?

Bitcoin discussion has been a major topic of interest for many crypto lovers. You must have noticed that ever since Bitcoin emerged as a popular crypto coin, there is always a mystery residing with its real founder. Though most of us are familiar with the name of Satoshi Nakamoto and even believe him to be the real Bitcoin founder. But what if you come to know that there is no other different identity but is Nick Szabo himself? Shocked! Although Nick has never said or believed in this myth, there are people who think Satoshi is supposed to be the nickname of the latter crypto expert. Many analysts have even approved about Satoshi; Nick is no separate identity but one person. Well, you might not believe it completely, but there are some similar things that provoke us to believe it.

One of the similarities between the two is the writing style that seems much similar observed in Bitcoin’s early paper by Satoshi and the blog post of Nick. The similarity continues with both expressing the same concern for Bitcoin’s value. There might be some other similarities between the two, but does it matter so much?


Well, this is all you need to be knowing about Nick Szabo, a living crypto legend. We discussed a lot about him, his approach, and one of the biggest developed concept Bit Gold. You might not found his basic details including habits, location, or preference, but you can certainly understand the approach and mindset of this crypto enthusiast through his blogs. There have been claims by many people and analysts about Nick being the real Satoshi Nakamoto, sharing some similar things like the writing style and concern for the value of Bitcoin. But let us not get into such deep research, as it hardly matters. If you are interested in knowing about updated crypto pricing, then stay abreast of cryptocurrency news.

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