How to Turn Your Custom Boxes From Zero to Hero

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Packaging and presentation have been the most prior when it comes to branding. It is because of the increase in the competition among the businesses, the products, the consumers and advanced packaging techniques. The latest state of the art product packing technology has made it possible to create your product boxes from scratch, choosing the material, shapes, sizes, grade, quality, durability, and even the sustainability of custom boxesCustomization is neither limited to the product no the conventional ways of packaging.


Customized packaging is important in today’s world because it has become necessary for the companies to create distinction among the brands that offer the same product, create brand awareness in the market, grab the attention of the customers, and build a well-reputed image of the brand.

There is nothing a brand cannot do with the custom printed boxes. Customization is a great power and opportunity in the hands of the companies to create an image of their brand the way they want, which gives more exposure to the brand.


Every packaging is not an effective packaging. The world we live in demands more than protection and containment of the product. It is important to see a few things that add worth to the brand and the product, such as;

  • Protection
  • Functionality
  • Durability
  • Sustainability
  • Affordability

You can add all these amazing features to your product packaging to make them outstanding and more recognizable among the consumers with customization.

Customization is your saviour when it comes to adding value to your packaging most effectively and efficiently.

1. Choose the Right Material 

Right Material 

Every product is different from the other in a lot of different ways such as some are fragile and others robust or some are light in weight and others are heavier.

To make an effective product box it is important to choose the material that helps in deciding the quality and strength of the end box. Paper packaging comes in different qualities depending on the strength, grade of paper, and weight.

  • Cardboard; regular paper packaging, moderate in quality and price.
  • Kraft paper; strong and sturdy, a bit expensive.
  • Corrugated cardboard; strongest of them all, relatively heavier than other paper packaging and expensive.

By choosing the right box that complements the product in the most effective manner is never going to fail in making its mark.

2. Go for trendy Shapes & Sizes

trendy Shapes & Sizes

The world we live in is all about following the trends. What is new? Who is using what? How much rating is that product is getting or which celebrity is using what these days?

To give your boxes unexpected and remarkable popularity among the customers, follow the trends. For instance, custom die-cutting techniques create shapes that contain the product stylishly and fashionably yet are strong and unique in appearance such as gable boxes, pillowcases, magnetic closure luxury cases, flip open encasements and sliding drawer cases are to name a few. Sizes are the most overlooked when it comes to packing products but it plays an important role in keeping the product safe, in place inside the box, and creating a more professional image of the brand.

3. Bespoke Designs

Bespoke Designs

Just as every product is different; it requires different product design that helps in better understanding of the product by the customers. Custom printing on product boxes gives them an identity, which makes it easy for the buyers to get to know the who the brand is, what is it that the customers are going to invest their time and money in, and it also develops a trustworthy relationship between the customers and the brand. Custom printing in colours, patterns, designs, imagery or company logo with foiling, embossing, and laminations portray a finest and luxurious appearance.

Custom branded designs will help your business grow like crazy by;

  • Grabbing the attention of the customers
  • Creating brand awareness
  • Developing trust among the customers and the brand

You can get them working even while sitting on the retail shelf with customization. Attractive, captivating, and quality boxes promote the brand wherever they go.

4. Do not Overlook Sustainability 

Overlook Sustainability 

The world we live in is no doubt the most advanced but it has deteriorated the quality of the environment we live in because of the use of non-ecofriendly packaging such as plastic.

It is time to incorporate sustainability in your product packaging because it is the right thing to do and people are more aware of the concerns. They are switching towards the brands that offer bio-degradable and recyclable material for their product packaging.

Custom boxes the USA are all about paper packaging’s such as cardboard, Kraft paper, and corrugated cardboard because they are the most sustainable that offer the strongest protection and high-end quality.

Build your brand name and image, outstandingly, being responsible and unique.

5. Go Affordable

Go Affordable

If you are thinking that such luxurious and premium packaging will cost you an arm and a leg, then you are wrong. Custom Boxes are the cheapest packaging solution that is available in the market. They are no less in quality, durability, sustainability, and functionality because of their low prices but because they are dealt with in bulk.

Every brand and product deserves custom packaging boxes because it is impossible to get recognition or create distinction among the brands without customization. Get your custom product box, to make it more professional and authentic as there are no limitations and restrictions when it comes to customization. Be creative and imaginative!


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