How To Choose Jewellery For The Person You Love

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Holiday seasons are just right around the corner and this means last-minute shopping. But before you rush into those stores like many others in search of the perfect gift for your loved one, take a minute to heed our advice. This guide will teach you how to source for the best jewellery for your significant other. You might think it is easy now and let us tell you, you will regret thinking that the moment you step into the stores just like every other time. So, without further ado, here are eight tips for you to take note of before you enter a state of panic at the jewellery shop singapore!

  • Gifts are for the other person, so look at her preferences

The goal of every gift-giver is to get the perfect gift. But, perfection is subjective, and when you are giving a gift, you should not be getting something you think is perfect, but what she thinks is perfect. The jewellery that you buy today will not be worn by you but by your special other. What does she usually wear, and what has she expressed a desire to have? When at the store, do not make the common mistake of looking for what you think you’d like to wear or giving in to the pressure of salespeople as they do not know what your partner actually likes. Buy a set of jewellery that you know she will like and feel comfortable with.

  • If you don’t know, stop and observe

So, what happens if your partner is not someone who is very vocal about their likes and dislikes? Well, here’s where body language comes into play. Even experts say body language makes up a large part of our communication. So, if you find yourself struggling to think of their likes and dislikes, it’s time to make some observations. Watch them shop. When they shop, their body language gives away everything, any slight upturn of their lips, and the twinkle in their eyes will immediately tell you what they are fond of. What you can do is surprise them there and then or, delay their gratification and surprise them with the gift later.

  • Gifts mean most when it resonates with their hearts

resonates with their hearts

Think of the times when you have received gifts from friends. Do travel souvenirs mean more to you or the birthday presents? Most of you would probably pick the latter, and that’s because there is sentimental value to the present. Compared to a souvenir which has no personal value to you, a birthday present will be much more appreciated. This is the same for jewellery intended for your significant other. Sure, the advertisement might make this mass-produced jewellery look particularly tempting, but it will hold little personal value. Instead, what you can do is find something customizable to engrave that personal quality.

  • Get references from their current stash, or what’s on them now

If you find that you lack the time to do the proper analysis like watching her shop, what you can do is to look at what they currently own. Or you could look at what they wear most frequently. This is the easiest way to find out what their favorite type of jewellery is. After that, take note of their body type, so that you can tell if the jewellery you are getting will complement them. Remember to visualize them in the jewellery to see if it is in accordance with her taste and style.

  • Peel your eyes, clean your ears

You have done a lot of observing already, but sometimes, the answer is simple and given. Some people may not be as elusive as others and could have always been telling you exactly what you need to get them what they want. Sometimes, it is good to just be straightforward and listen out for it.

  • If all else fails, seek allies

Of course, if they neither let you see nor hear what they like, well you definitely have to try harder to open them up. Aside from that, there is always that one person they share everything with: the best friend. You can always seek help from their best friends to know what they may like or dislike. There is no other person who will understand them better. Then, this will truly be a surprise because it will be completely unexpected. 

  • Sometimes, bigger is better


Have you ever seen those scenes with married women comparing the size of diamonds on their rings? Yes. Sometimes, your partner might subscribe to the notion of “bigger is better”. Here, then, you will not want to make the biggest mistake and get her something that is too small. You do not want to risk your significant other hating it. If you know she’s someone who likes it a lot bigger than the conventional size, you have already won half the battle.

  • Most times, bigger is not better

Of course, the above advice applies only if you know she likes it. However, most times, we know that bigger is not always better. So practice caution with that. Most of the time, fashion and jewellery are intertwined and how much the jewellery matches them matters the most. So, even if the diamond is the biggest and shiniest in the world if it does not match well with them, it is all for naught.


All in all, this is some useful advice that has helped many to choose the perfect gift for their loved ones. However, if you realize, there is a simple pattern behind each piece of advice. So, if you find that you cannot apply any of the advice above, just remember one thing. Gifts are meant to make the person in your mind happy, so what does that person in your mind like? Answer that question and you are more or less set. So, for those of you who have not been thinking of what to buy yet, we think it’s about time!

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