How To Buy Bitcoin, Worldwide

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The rise of the cryptocurrency market has drawn much attention in buying of crypto coins, and the best example to prove this statement is the commendable increase of Bitcoin price, since the previous year. If you regularly follow the breaking crypto news, then you will come to know that investors from worldwide have expressed their interest in Bitcoin investment, by foreseeing the uprising future of cryptocurrency. Now, if you are settled in any abroad country, and want to buy Bitcoin from any part of the world, then this following blog will help you know it.

Referring Custodial Exchanges To Buy Bitcoin

To buy Bitcoin, you can refer to some custodial exchanges like Coinbase, Bitfinex, Kraken, Binance, Gemini, and Poloniex. These exchanges are the best places for storing your bitcoins. But there is a process, which you have to follow, and it begins with signing up, and verification through Know-Your-Customer. After checking of basic background, the conversion of fiat currencies into Bitcoins becomes possible for you.

Purchasing Bitcoin is as akin to bank transactions, all it needs is the initiative for order placing. Officially, when the coins become yours, then you are left with making choices, on whether to hold them, exchange or to store them in a wallet. The crux of Bitcoin is to have the money control, and not to rely on any intermediaries or third party.

Buy Bitcoin Worldwide Through These Ways

Now, let us know those methods which help buy Bitcoins, anywhere in the world. So let us start with:

Peer To Peer Exchange

In other words, you can understand it as person to person. This is the exchange that enables trading of coins between two individuals. It adheres to anonymity and benefits in a speedy transaction, letting you Bitcoin purchasing with fiat currencies, like British pounds, Japanese Yen, US dollars, Swiss franc, Canadian dollars, New Zealand dollar, Brazilian real, Australian dollar, Chinese yuan, and various others.

Anonymous Exchanges

There are several bitcoin exchanges offering services for buying and selling, and they adhere to anonymity, referring to certain countries that won’t ask you for any personal details during trading. This implies the limitation on transactions for the users who are not verified. Some of these exchanges are,, Bitsquare, and

Bitcoin ATMs

Another method to buy Bitcoin, worldwide is Bitcoin ATMs. We all have been a regular user of ATMs of different commercial banks situated in our nearby locations. An ATM is preferably used for withdrawing money, and checking balances. But do you know there are Bitcoin ATMs that are much simple and are constantly used by the users? But a premium is supposed to be paid.


So these are some of the useful ways through which you can buy Bitcoin, worldwide. If you are an NRI, who is living in an abroad country, and deals in cryptocurrency, then this guide is a must for you to give an idea about purchasing Bitcoins. In this blog, we have also mentioned some useful anonymous exchanges like,, Bitsquare, and, and the fiat currencies like British pounds, Japanese Yen, US dollars, Swiss franc, Canadian dollars, New Zealand dollar, Brazilian real, Australian dollar, Chinese yuan in exchange of which you can buy the cryptocurrency. If you want to keep yourself updated with all the current happenings taking place in the crypto world, then better start following live crypto news.

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