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How to Secretly Spy on Any Android Phone

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Do you want to secretly monitor an android device? This article discusses the most reliable and user-friendly way to secretly spy on any android mobile phone or tablet. No matter whether it is the latest Samsung Galaxy flagship phone or newly released Huawei smartphone, you can remotely monitor any highly secured mobile phone device running android operating system. We have discussed here the most advanced TheOneSpy android monitoring solution that allows tracking Samsung, HTC, Huawei, Sony, Motorola, LG and all other mobile phones running Android OS version 5 and above. Read on to know how you can use this app to monitor any android device without taking into possession.

Android Monitoring App

The android mobile phone monitoring app of TheOneSpy is particularly designed for parents and employers to keep track of digital devices of children and workers. You can use the app to keep a secret eye on the digital activities of your concerned ones. Parents can protect their children from cyberbullying, child predation, scamming and several online crimes by tracking their smartphone. Similarly, the employers can prevent their workers from unproductive activities by supervising their mobile phone activities inside and outside the workstation. Read on to know how this high-tech monitoring software works.

How Does Android Tracker Software Work?

Once you install an android device with the surveillance software, you can get access to the data saved on it. Also, you can send command to the device to make it perform several actions such as turning on camera, taking screenshots or recording surrounding sounds. The app performs all functions without letting anyone know. It remains undetectable on the targeted phone as the app icon can also concealed during app installation.

What Can Android Spyware App Do?

The spyware offers a wide range of features letting users to secretly track and operate the targeted cell phone. We have rounded up here the core features of the app that explain how you can use it to secretly spy on any android device.

SMS and Call Tracking

The messages and phone calls made and received via targeted android device can be accessed without taking the device into custody. The secret phone surveillance app creates online backup of incoming and outgoing messages and records all phone calls. The end-user of the surveillance app can access the messages backup and recorded calls right from the web portal of TheOneSpy. The app also provides with contact information of communicators.

Remote Control Apps

If you are supervising your kid’s smartphone with TOS, you can restrict their access to age-inappropriate apps. You can block or uninstall mobile phone apps without accessing the device.

Watch out Social Media

The social media obsession of teens is exposing them to online bullying, molestation and self-harm activities. You can supervise the activities performed your children on popular social networking platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. The app lets you monitor chats and posts made by your concerned ones using social media apps.

Trace GPS Location

Want to stay updated about the whereabouts of your children? The app helps find out the exact current GPS location of the target device. It also offers geo-fencing to stay updated about your kid’s visit to specific locations.

Supervise Internet Usage

Do you use parental controls to manage the internet access of children? To restrict kids from accessing age-inappropriate stuff on the internet you need to monitor and manage their internet use. The android spy app provides you with the internet browsing history of kid’s smartphone to let you know what sort of information is searched and what websites are being frequently visited.

Screen Recording

You can send command to the targeted phone for screen recording and screenshots. It lets you capture real-time cell phone activities of the target.

Remote Control Camera & MIC

The app lets you see what is happening in the vicinity of the targeted android phone. You can turn on cameras and microphone of the target android device to see and record the surrounding events.


The confidential credentials put to the target device can be accessed by getting the keystrokes recorded. The secret phone tracker app records and uploads the keylogs to the web portal without letting anyone know.

Hope this article would be helpful in learning about secretly spying on any android phone or tablet.

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