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Parental control software is the need for parents who are raising tech-savvy kids where toddlers use tablets, and teens chat to communicate.

Parents provide a cellphone (to children) to stay in touch, but they face a challenge: measuring the pros and cons of giving digital liberty and specifying the boundaries of that freedom for teens.

However, limiting kid’s access to the internet may affect their ability to learn and develop. But on the other hand, unlimited exposure can lead to online threats and questionable content.

That’s why installing the best parental control app helps parents and teens to navigate the digital world safely.

What Is Parental Control?

Child tracker is a software specially built to keep tabs on teen’s online activities. It controls and monitors kid’s digital tasks like viewable content, places teens visits, callers list, and much more.

Let us take a glance at the need for parental control.

Why Are Parental Controls Necessary?

  • Monitors child’s device:

When your child is accessing the unlimited cyberspace, kids’ safety app helps in monitoring their social media profiles, call logs and other app usages.

Say, for example, when a child spends prolonged hours on different apps like social media, you can control the time of accessing such applications.

  • Blocks the harmful and addictive applications:

Few gaming consoles with internet access allows children to surf the web, talk with other online players (maybe an online stalker), and make in-app purchases. Such features make games more tempting and lead children towards malicious websites.

By using App Blocker and App Install Blocker tools of parental control software, you can block these types of gaming and other applications that redirect your child to unsuitable content. You can even refrain children from accessing apps that consume more time like social media applications.

  • Tracks the child’s location:

GPS kid tracker app helps to locate the child’s whereabouts. It indicates that your teens are safe on the road and let you help/ find them during emergencies.

Geofence defines virtual boundaries that send an alert in the parent’s device about kid’s entry and exit from the predefined (center) location. Few good geofencing software offers Speed Limit functionality to keep a check on teen’s driving pattern. It sends a notification to parents if teen increases the predefined speed limit.

  • Establishes good cyber safety habits:

Cybercrime is penetrating, and cyber crooks often pry on people’s poor web habits.

A kid’s brain is constantly learning new things and keeps developing. In their quest to explore the digital world, they may inadvertently engage in risky behavior like disclosing unnecessary information, sharing financial credentials, communicating with online predators, and many more.

Thus, child monitoring apps come in rescue to protect kids from cyber threats and let them use digital platforms safely.

  • Enforces screen time limit:

Screen time is addictive. Internet-enabled devices fascinate children where they spend prolonged hours on virtual screens and remain detached from physical surroundings.

However, excessive screen time results in poor eyesight, lack of physical activity, bad posture, inadequate sleep, and hamper a child’s growth. Enforcing a healthy media limit helps teens in mitigating such diseases.

Screen time control app helps in setting time boundaries on multiple apps that kids use. Teens must take a break from devices and go on a digital detox for a healthy life. Thus, engage kids in other fruitful activities like their hobbies.

  • Discovers online reputation:

It is important to use privacy settings on different media platforms because kids’ posts and share may put them in a vulnerable situation. Here, parental control software comes in rescue to defend children from online reputation.

Kid’s safety application enables parents to put a check on a child’s app usage and also to restrict their excessive media time.

Well, it is recommended for parents to keep a watch on kid’s social media accounts by being part of it (sending a friend request).

  • Limits app downloads:

Downloading a plethora of unnecessary applications diverts the child’s attention and keeps them engaging in such apps.

When children are neglecting their important and prioritized tasks, it’s a warning! Their negligence may adversely impact their studies, physical activities, real-life relationships, and much more.

Hence, for kid’s cyber safety, child tracking app for parents comes handy. A good software like Parental Control provides the App Install Blocker tool to prevent children from installing unwanted apps.

  • Panic Alert to protect children during emergencies:

Whenever a child steps out of the house, parents are worried about their security.

The crime rate is increasing, and it is the parent’s responsibility to keep their kids safe from criminals.  Using child monitoring software, teens stay in constant touch with parents and ask for immediate help.

One-click of Panic and SOS alert saves a child’s life. A siren will buzz in the parent’s device by pressing this button, and it sends email notification and the exact location of kids to parents.

Say, for instance, if your teen faces any dangerous situation like abduction-by pressing the SOS button, they are alerting you and asking for immediate help.

  • Parental controls teach cyber etiquettes:

Putting controls and monitoring a child’s web activities enables safe browsing.

Additionally, explain the consequences of cybercrime like bullying, unethical hacking, pornographic material, and much more to children. Make them understand that certain laws are prevailing to protect victims of such crimes, so they should avoid the tendency of taking revenge.

Parental Control – The I Gen App:

It is android parental control apps designed to keep an eye on kid’s online movements.

Varied features of Best parental control apps are helpful in many ways like:

  • App Blocker: It blocks harmful applications.
  • Time Schedule: Sets the curfew hours on various apps.
  • Call Blocker: Blocks the known, unknown, and suspected callers from kid’s device.
  • Panic and SOS alert: Saves a child from emergencies.
  • Kiosk Mode: Provides indirect access to a child’s phone (to parents).
  • GPS: It follows teen’s footsteps.
  • Anti-Theft: Locates stolen or missing devices.

Install a good parental control app like Bit Guardian Parental Control for the child’s complete digital safety. This kid’s safety app is one of the most trusted applications in the parental control landscape. Download it today!

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