Fast-Growing Cryptocurrencies In 2019 – 2020

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Since the rise of cryptocurrencies, people have become very keen to know every update by following crypto news. People from all over the world, have been considering digital currencies as a new form of investment. Many technophiles now see them as the best alternate option for traditional currencies. Today, it has become challenging to opt for any cryptocurrency from the remaining options on the market. Many crypto enthusiasts are eyeing on the new entrants in the crypto market. Today, it will be interesting for you to know about fast-growing cryptocurrencies in 2019-2020. 


No matter what uncertainty has been binding the Ethereum currently, this altcoin remains to be a worthy altcoin after Bitcoin. This altcoin is very favourable with the speedy transaction. Despite lacking in the value and facing scaling issues, investors are still confident about its comeback and its growth. If you have been following the latest news on Ethereum, then you will come to know that it is being considered as one of the fast-growing cryptocurrencies in 2019 t0 2020.


Another runner-up name in the list of fast-growing cryptocurrencies in 2019 to 2020 is ZCash. This is another trustworthy digital currency promising with complete privacy and optional transparency preferable for the user. Akin to other cryptocurrencies, ZCash too suffered an impact on its price. In terms of value and market capitalization, however, this altcoin still registered itself in the brigade of 30 major cryptocurrencies. It is estimated that ZCash might become a game-changer in the year 2020 by revealing its true worth.


Ever since mining of Bitcoin block took place in 2009, the cryptocurrency has been gaining much popularity among the users from all over the world. Investors too acknowledged its worth and came in much support for its rising graph. Microsoft, one of the popular software company too accepted it as a mode of payment. One of the major reasons that make Bitcoin high on the list is its value, growth, and minimal risk. So it is obvious to see it in the list of fast-growing cryptocurrencies in 2019- 2020.


Joining the list of fast-growing cryptocurrencies also includes the name of Litecoin. According to experts, this altcoin is supposed to increase its previous records. Other than Ethereum, Litecoin also seems to be a worthy opponent of Bitcoin. Currently, it ranks sixth in position as a digital asset. Bitcoin and Litecoin almost share a similar feature in operation. The processing rate of a transaction is much faster in Litecoin. There is no issue with complex algorithms and has a larger supply.


Monero is one of the promising cryptocurrency, that joined the market in 2014 and is constantly rising. This altcoin is sufficient in providing complete privacy which is secure and is not traceable by an unknown person. This makes it appealing to users. Based on 2019 market capitalization, Monero ranks 12th among the largest cryptocurrency. It won’t be wrong to say that this altcoin is worth mining, because it is efficient in scalability and decentralization. 


ZCash, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, and Litecoin are the fast-growing cryptocurrencies in 2019 – 2020. All these cryptocurrencies are worthy contenders that comprise promising features to gain users’ attention and liking. There are issues in Ethereum, like lacking in value and scalability, but despite that, it has successfully gained investors’ trust. They are very much confidant about its bounce back and are expecting to see it growing in the coming years. What to say about Bitcoin? It remains the undisputed digital coin since its debut. But it would be wrong to underestimate other coins in the list like ZCash and Litecoin. To know any latest update about crypto coins, stay abreast of the breaking crypto news.

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