Five Best Electric Dab Rigs in 2020

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As the name suggests, electric dab rigs are vaporizers that use an electrical source of heat on the concentrate or extracts.Unlike the traditional means of dabbing, it gives you better satisfaction levels and hits. Most of them are portable, which means that you can get them to go without any problem.If you are in an area with electricity, you can plug it in and dab comfortably without the fear of any flames. Here is a compilation of the five best electric dab rigs in 2020.

The Dipper Electric Dab Rig

In a unique design, the portable electric dab rig gives you that nectar collector in the shape of a pen so that you have convenience when it comes to use.You can hold it up dab your concentrate. It has an instant heat coil, and a tip atomizer that you can replace should it wear out. The atomizer is also replaceable, which gives you the durability advantage, especially when you have two atomizers in the pack. With the unique quartz crystal atomizer, you get a real dab hit within the first five seconds of dabbing. Depending on the satisfaction that you desire, you realize that the Dipper electric dab rig also functions as a vaping device.

Dr. Dabber Switch Electric Dab Rig

Over the years, Dr. Dabber has been known to produce great high-quality dabbing and vaping products. They have not let you down with the Dr. Dabber Switch electric dab rig. Suitable for dabbing oils and flowers, the device can make the switch by pressing a button. This versatility is a new feature that has not been seen in other dab rigs.With twenty-five heat settings, you can handle different levels of hits depending on the desired satisfaction.You can powerfully take up to one hundred and fifty hits on a single battery charge, which means that you can use it regardless of the power situation you have.Thanks to the device’s excellent heating speed, you get your first hit within the first four seconds. Make the switch that you desire.

Kandy pens Oura Electric Dab Rig

Awarded as the best dab rig of 2019 by The Vape Critic, the Kandy pens Oura electric dab rig continues to amaze its users. It comes in a zinc alloy shell, which gives it great aesthetics and style. The colors are also solid such as black, white, purple, green, and maroon and pink. Pick a color that accentuates your style. The dab rig has a heating speed of five seconds and a 3000mAh battery capacity, which gives you great hits for hours notwithstanding where you are. Smart touch sensors display the four different temperature profiles that you can experiment with and experience different hit levels. The package comes with a velvet carrying bag so that you can discreetly use it in different environments.

Puffco Peak Smart Electric Dab Rig

With a four heat setting ability, you can dab your concentrate regardless of your dabbing expertise. It does not matter whether you are a beginner or an expert dabber as you can control the intensity of the hit that you get. Begin slowly and scale up to the advanced levels. Your hit comes to life after twenty seconds, which means that you consume more without minutes of waiting. It also has temperature calibration so that you know where each of your hits lies. With the portability advantage, you can use them discreetly in different environments. Additionally, the battery capacity can store up to two hours of charge, which means that you can comfortably enjoy around thirty dabs without the worry of battery power depletion.

Source Nail Premium Electric Dab Rig

The first of its kind that allows customization in the hits. It comes in a compact design with excellent temperature control capability so that you regulate the hits. On the other hand, the atomizers come in a bucket style, thus easy to clean. The portability gives it convenience regardless of where you are. Manufactured by Source Vapes, it comes with a lifetime guarantee of greatness so that you can dab your wax and concentrates without any issues. The dab rig gives you hits within thirty seconds, depending on the intensity that you desire; low, medium, and high. Conclusively, with the compilation of these electric dab rigs, you are better positioned to make informed and intelligent choices. Each of them gives you a different kind of hit. Assess all the features and make a wise settlement.

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