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In May 2019, Bitcoin was priced approximately $3500 and after a year, it went to three times up to $10,000. The hype of cryptocurrency started when the price of Bitcoin skyrocketed in 2017 and went up to $20,000 on a few of the crypto exchanges. Amid the pandemic situation where the pandemic is reducing the employment rate, value of fiat currency touching new heights, people are looking for alternatives to earn money. In this article, let us understand the shortcuts to earn free Bitcoin and that too on smartphones. So, let us start the journey of “How to earn Bitcoins on Android”.

Methods To Earn Bitcoin On Smartphones

If someone had asked me ten years back how to earn cryptocurrencies, then the options were very limited. But, now there are a number of options available to earn Bitcoins with a number of mediums like that of desktop and mobile phones. Cryptocurrencies can be earned through a variety of methods like mining, affiliate marketing, gaming, leverage trading, and many more. The number of websites and apps are captivating the interest of crypto enthusiasts and accelerating the crypto movement. 

Presently, Google Store has been one of the easiest ways for Android users to earn the Bitcoins. There are a variety of methods mentioned below which can help you earn cryptocurrencies through your smartphones:

Mining Of Cryptocurrencies

MiningAndroid Bitcoin mining apps can facilitate earning massive amounts of crypto coins with a small amount of subscription fees of the apps. With the help of your smartphones, you just need to share the computing power for the process of mining with dedicated mining pools. In exchange for Bitcoin payouts, you just need to download the app, pay the enrollment fees, and you are done. For instance, MinerGate, the Bitcoin Miner, Cloud Bitcoin Miner app can help you in earning not only Bitcoins but also altcoins like Monero, Dash, DigitalNote, and many more.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketingMany of the crypto websites and apps are giving the opportunity to crypto enthusiasts to earn passive income in terms of Bitcoins through their Android smartphones. Refer-a-friends partner plan or Affiliate marketing is one of the simplest ways in which you just have to refer to some services or products related to crypto space to earn Bitcoins. Every time a product is sold with the help of your link, a fixed amount of commission gets transferred to your account. For instance, the Affiliate marketing program of one of the famous crypto exchanges, Coinbase, gives you the chance to earn Bitcoins through your phone. Some of the other sites like BlockFi, Changelly, and many more offer the opportunity to get involved in affiliate marketing through their mobile apps.

Crypto Faucets

FaucetsDo you ever think that just by clicking on an ad or watching the ad can help you in earning Bitcoins? Do you ever think that just by completing a two-minute survey can fill your crypto wallet with a number of crypto coins? Sounds strange? But this is possible with the help of crypto faucets apps downloaded on your Android smartphones. You can effortlessly earn the coins just by playing a game, signing up for a particular service, buying a crypto app at nominal charges, and with many more simple tasks. Many of the websites offer the opportunities to get the coins in this way like Time Bucks, Storm Play, Free Bitcoin, and many more. You can even earn bitcoin by walking through various apps.

Online Shopping

Online shoppingWho does not like to shop and that too online from your smartphone? How to get free bitcoins instantly? And if you are being told that you will pay for purchasing the products, then even the non-shopping enthusiasts will also be running to buy certain products. For instance, one of the cashback service providers called Lolli can fill your crypto wallet with the Bitcoins (earned in the form of reward). Bitcoin earning apps like Pei can also earn you Bitcoins.

Crypto Interest Account

Crypto interest accountSome of the crypto exchanges like BlockFi help you earn interest on the long term investment and thereby grow your overall holdings. You just need to open your account on the particular website or just need to download the app and have to hold some of the investments for the long term to gain a yearly interest in terms of Bitcoins. Apps uses the robust automated risk management systems to judiciously keep watch on your account and pay the interests as per the decided rate.

Leverage Trading

Leverage tradingHow to earn Bitcoins on android even when the price of BTC goes down? Some of the Android can even help you in earning Bitcoins even when the price of Bitcoin goes down. All you need is to download the apps facilitating the “Leverage Trading” and predict the trends of open buying (or long) or selling (short) positions. Leverage trading can prove to be the easiest way to earn huge profits with the effectiveness of the mobile app and the promptness of your decision making.

Freelancing Jobs

Freelancing jobsAs the crypto sector is diversifying, the number of employment opportunities are increasing which can help you earn Bitcoin income. From promoting the referral link to writing content to develop apps. Some of the jobs can even be done remotely with the help of your smartphones. Websites like CryptoGrind, Coinality, Crypto Jobs, and many more can help you in downloading your CV and get the jobs accordingly.

Summing Up

Thus it can be concluded that Bitcoins can be earned easily through Android smartphones with little investment of time and money. Buying the Bitcoin can be the long term investment and even bit riskier for the newbies.
 This is because you are less likely to be exposed to scams, and you would certainly make profits through your Android devices. You can join purchase reward programs, open an interest-bearing bitcoin account, become an affiliate marketer, and even get paid to mine bitcoin without any specialized hardware from your mobile phones and start earning the Bitcoins even if you are a newbie in the crypto industry and dost know how to invest in coins.

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