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In the recent digital technological trends, Blockchain has become the buzzword not only in the financial industry but in other industries like healthcare, education, automotive, entertainment, fashion, and many more. Blockchain technology is not only easing the several operations of the industries but generating the different employment opportunities in different paradigms from developers to content writers, from digital marketers to graphic designers. There is a rush to become a certified Blockchain professional with the number of Blockchain certification courses ranging from regular to correspondence. In this article, we are going to throw the light over FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions which must be prepared for the interviews of Blockchain certification.

Introductory Blockchain Questions | Certified Blockchain Professional

Before going for the interviews for Blockchain certification and become a certified Blockchain professional, you must know about some of the basic introductory Blockchain questions either by blockchain course for beginners or from the following article.

Question 1: Define Blockchain Technology

Before understanding the Blockchain as technology, we should get clear with the concept of Blockchain. Basically, Blockchain is a list of “Blocks of Information”. Blocks are securely attached together with the cryptography techniques. Coming onto Blockchain technology, it is a technology that maintains a distributed ledger of the financial transactions or value-based information which is encrypted cryptographically, ensures the integrity of information.

Question 2: Principle of Blockchain Technology

Whether it is google Blockchain Certain or of that IBM, you must be clear with the principle of technology. Blockchain technology works on the principle of decentralization. It works on the “peer-to-peer” network to eliminate the interference of a third party. Technically, developers of the Blockchain network implement “trusted nodes” or computers which are utilized for initializers of the network. Then, every single connected system (technically called as node) connecting the network does not receive any information about its status to that point. 

Question 3: Can Block be removed? Can data be changed or tempered?

Block can be removed but only by the developer team of that particular Blockchain network. Tempering or changing of data is not possible, can only be removed and feed again, that too if a person has the access to the network as Blockchain is not controlled by any single authority.

Question 4: How Blockchain technology can assure the Privacy of information?

IBM blockchain interview questions booklet explains the answer well. According to it, Blockchain technology does not assure the privacy about the transaction (like number of coins transferred or amount, etc) but assure the privacy of data of the parties involved like their personal details with the help of block hashing process. This process involves “hash pointer” which is a string function (combination of random alphabets and digits) which connects one block with another or establish the connection between the data transacted.

Question 5: How Blockchain technology assures the transparency of the network?

Blockchain network is based on a consensus mechanism which is a kind of self-auditing ecosystem, reconciling every transaction in an interval of ten minutes. Thus, transparency is imbibed within the Blockchain network which cannot be corrupted as any change in a Block will requires the permission from a number of nodes connected to the network. As no single entity controls the information, Blockchain assures the integrity of the network.

Question 6: Can Blockchain keep only value-based data like that of Bitcoins?

 If you are going for the interview process of Blockchain architect interview questions, you must be prepared for this answer. Blockchain technology has always been misinterpreted that it can only save the data involved in the financial transaction of digital assets or cryptocurrency. But, actually, Blockchain is a distributed ledger capable of keeping records whether it is records of medical transactions, management of identity, documentation related to business, and many more.

Question 7: Define about the Consensus Mechanism followed by Blockchain

If you are going in the interview of blockchain developer certification, the question related to the consensus mechanism could be asked. As soon as a new block of information enters into the Blockchain, it needs to be verified by the connected nodes present in the network or follows the consensus mechanism to add the block in the chain. Nodes are involved in the verification process “Proof-of-Work” and the legitimacy of transactions. “Proof-of-work” is a mechanism that involves a person or company to enable their machines to validate the blocks with certain conditions associated with it.

Question 8: Brief about the process of “Secret sharing”

Secret sharing is one of the unique features of Blockchain technology which is related to the security processes of the technology. While using the feature of secret sharing, if you share any file with the number of users on Blockchain then the information will be divided into two parts. File can be viewed only when the different parts will be combined. (This question has been recommended by IBM Blockchain essentials quiz answers)

Question 9: Name the main types of Blockchain ledgers.

Basically, there are three types of Blockchain ledgers: centralized, decentralized, and distributed based on the model of information sharing they follow.

Question 10: Name a few of the Blockchain development platforms.

Popular Blockchain development platforms are Bitcoin and Ethereum. Other platforms which are IOTA, EOS, and Hyper ledger.

Summing Up

If you are updated with the latest technological trends, you must be aware of the demands of Blockchain professionals across the globe. As technology is gradually coming into the mainstream and adopted by various multinationals and other enterprises, besides the cryptocurrency, demand for Blockchain professional is deemed to increase. Tech-savvy people are visualizing the career perspectives in the respective Blockchain industry. Enthusiasts are desperately searching for the Blockchain certification courses so as to turn their passion into employment opportunities by learning about the technology in depth.

To sum up, it can be concluded that this article briefs the bare minimum question answers in simplest forms which you must learn by heart or understand them before facing the interview of Certified Blockchain professional. Even though this article covers ten questions, but they sum up the basic concept of innovative Blockchain technology.

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