Why Product Custom Packaging Design is Important to your Ecommerce Success Business

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Most people are simply not aware of the impact of one of the most important factors that influence sales. What is it?

Branding and its role in establishing the reputation and image of the product. This image and brand name is what is one of the biggest motivators behind a customer looking at a product and buying it. And how do companies enforce this concept of branding? What is it that they rely upon, to reinforce the brand name to their customers?

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Custom packaging. The significance of this aspect of the manufacturing process often is not appreciated by consumers. It is one of the most focused upon factors of the product, and companies spend millions of dollars every year, trying to get it right.

Is packaging important for E-commerce?

Just because you are shopping online, does not mean that you are not seeing the product. The reason why it is one of the most profitable business ventures in the world is due to the fact that operates under the same principles as commerce in the physical world. It is just way more convenient.

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The role of product packaging is apparent every time we walk into a store and look at the item on sale. Is it any different online?

The major difference is that the packaging is not displayed online. The items to be sold are just shown. The packaging and its impact come in once the product has been bought and is to be shipped to the customer.

The customer bases their sale on the physical appearance of the product, and the description provided with it. This is because they trust the website to have provided good products. And it is important to maintain that trust using until the product is in the hands of the consumer.

Ways in which packaging impacts the success of the business

So, we cannot see the packaging online. Why is it important? Isn’t it just supposed to attract the customer into the sale?

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Here are some ways in which your custom packaging offer by MyBoxPackaging boxes help to make your online business build a positive image and grow.

  • It helps you build trust: we order online and hope that the item is delivered safely, right? And this is where the company needs to maintain standards. If the product packaging is secure and allows the items to be delivered safely, it will create a good impression of the business.
  • Build a relationship: no company can survive without repeat sales and a base of loyal customers. The online aspect of your business attracts sales, but a stable relationship is only built when you maintain high standards throughout the process. The moment they receive the product in their mail, it is where the relationship starts from. And a good custom-designed box will be the starting point of this loyalty to the brand. A well-presented package will help the consumer to believe in your service.
  • Create an impression: apart from the consumer-business trust, it is important to make a good impression on the customer. The packaging might not be used online, but it is important once the product is delivered to the buyer’s doorstep. If the packaging is well designed and attractive, they will feel validated and believe that they have made a good decision to shop with you. A good first impression goes a long way.
  • Branding: Not only does it help you to stand out from competitors, but the Custom packaging also helps the items to have an identity of their own. You can advertise your business effectively using these boxes. Take Amazon, which uses custom boxes to advertise its logo. Branding is very important when it comes to establishing the name of the company. You do not want to send a plain box with the product details written on it, which will be discarded by the individual without a second thought. Instead, customize the box in a way that it makes the product feel valuable. It should show that your company is unique. Use various designs and techniques to make a special box for your special customers.
  • It adds value to the product: we all like receiving beautifully wrapped boxes with goods. We pay for the product, but what if the packaging is also equally special? It will create a good impact and make the items feel more valuable to the customer. Some people might even like the packaging to the extent that they reuse it, instead of throwing it away. This shows the value of good wrapping. Also, it adds to the “unboxing experience” of the product.
  • Functionality: and the most important feature of custom packaging is that it helps you to protect your product, while it is being shipped. A good box will help to protect it from careless handling, or any exposure from sunlight, heat, moisture, etc. It helps in the effective storage and warehousing of the item, which is one of the most important aspects of an inline business store. The delivery process can take some time and requires a packaging that sustains the product for that.

Therefore, we can easily see how the packaging is very crucial to get right, regardless of whether you are operating in a brick-and-mortar store, or online.

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