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Kraft boxes are one of the most important examples of innovation in the packaging industry. These boxes are made of tough materials like pine cones. That allows them to provide your products with the security and safety that they need. These boxes have been used for a long time and have been used for packaging and protecting delicate items. In a way, they have made sure that you can effectively transport fragile materials from one place to another. This has helped to solve one of the biggest packaging issues that faced manufacturers.

Kraft Boxes packaging industry

But before we look at the advantages of using these amazing boxes in making your items stand out, we need to have a look at the basic structure and make of this material. It will help us to understand better the advantages of using these boxes for our product presentation and security in the market.

What is Kraft packaging?

The term Kraft boxes refers to a special kind of packaging sheet. These sheets look like basic cardboard boxes. They are brown and are smooth in appearance. However, the key difference is that these sheets have a rougher texture and are more hard and stiff. That is due to the presence of hard pine cones in the sheets. Other than that, these boxes have the same design and use.

Kraft box packaging

A brief overview of these amazing boxes will include these features. They are highly customizable, and that helps them to make sure that they can be designed in any shape, size, or style possible. They can be easily custom printed to make sure that you get the best boxes according to your needs. They can be easily recycled and reused. This makes them a very effective form of green packaging. These boxes can withstand high pressures and weight. That makes them very suitable to use while shipping or transporting in bulk.

As you can see, how versatile and useful these boxes are, it would be a surprise if they were not a popular packaging design. They are used by a large number of companies to help effectively package their fragile products.

Advantages of using these boxes

There are many advantages of using these boxes to package your items. They are one of the most widely used designs of cardboard-based wrapping. To help you understand and learn more about these boxes, we have made a list of these uses.

Kraft cardboard wrapping

The following are the 5 reasons why you should also be using these amazingly useful boxes.

Resistance and strength: the main distinguishing feature of these boxes is their use in making sure that you get the strongest boxes available in the market. The material is made of a mixture of resistant items. That is why it can easily withstand pressures and bear large loads without breaking. The structure of these boxes prevents them from being folded or creased. The strength of these boxes is not only against the load and weight. The walls of the boxes are shock absorbent, so they can better protect the items inside the box. There is a very slim chance of damaging the items even if the box is dropped or jostled around. Also, the walls and the lidded design help you to make sure that the items do not get affected by elements like moisture and heat, etc. This makes sure that the boxes offer complete protection to any item.

Kraft boxes Resistance

Design flexibility: this means that there are several designs available that can be used to make sure that you get the best boxes for your use. These boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. It is up to you to choose the best type of box for your use. They can easily be cut in any shape and size if you wish to have it custom designed. This will allow you to make a more unique and effective packaging for your use. This allows you to design these boxes for any purpose. They can be used as soapboxes, apparel boxes, bakery boxes, jewelry boxes, cosmetic boxes, etc. You can use a variety of techniques to make more creative designs like Kraft gift boxes, or window boxes, according to the need.

Personalized designing and printing: this is one of the biggest advantages of using these boxes. Once you have made the basic structure of the box, you can design it in any way possible. You can use a variety of printing and designing techniques to make sure that the box can be personalized. This is very important when it comes to making sure that you can effectively market your items. The outlook and appearance of these boxes will help you to make sure that you get customer attention. You can print anything that you wish to do so. Just make a design in computer software and have it printed on the box using a high-quality printer. These boxes are decorated in an attractive way to make sure that you get market attention. And that will help you to make sure that you can effectively promote your brand. You can easily print the logo and the brand name and use it to make sure that you get the most effective chance of promoting yourself.

Kraft designing and printing

Costs: these boxes are so useful, so they must be highly expensive. But that is not the case here. These boxes are made of simple materials that are cheaply available in the market. And the production process is also very simple and cheap. So you can make these boxes yourself. You can easily get these boxes at wholesale prices from any online supplier. That will help you to make sure that you get the best boxes at the best prices.

Ecofriendly: this is one of the most important factors that distinguish these boxes. They are biodegradable, and that helps you to make sure that they are a form of green packaging. These boxes are also highly reusable and recyclable. That also makes them very bio-friendly and helps your firm to lower its carbon footprint.

These are the features that make these boxes so useful. If you are looking for a good form of packaging for your items, these Kraft packages are the best option for you.

Most people are simply not aware of the impact of one of the most important factors that influence sales. What is it?

Branding and its role in establishing the reputation and image of the product. This image and brand name is what is one of the biggest motivators behind a customer looking at a product and buying it. And how do companies enforce this concept of branding? What is it that they rely upon, to reinforce the brand name to their customers?

customers values

Custom packaging. The significance of this aspect of the manufacturing process often is not appreciated by consumers. It is one of the most focused upon factors of the product, and companies spend millions of dollars every year, trying to get it right.

Is packaging important for E-commerce?

Just because you are shopping online, does not mean that you are not seeing the product. The reason why it is one of the most profitable business ventures in the world is due to the fact that operates under the same principles as commerce in the physical world. It is just way more convenient.

customized packaging

The role of product packaging is apparent every time we walk into a store and look at the item on sale. Is it any different online?

The major difference is that the packaging is not displayed online. The items to be sold are just shown. The packaging and its impact come in once the product has been bought and is to be shipped to the customer.

The customer bases their sale on the physical appearance of the product, and the description provided with it. This is because they trust the website to have provided good products. And it is important to maintain that trust using until the product is in the hands of the consumer.

Ways in which packaging impacts the success of the business

So, we cannot see the packaging online. Why is it important? Isn’t it just supposed to attract the customer into the sale?

product packaging solutions

Here are some ways in which your custom packaging offer by MyBoxPackaging boxes help to make your online business build a positive image and grow.

  • It helps you build trust: we order online and hope that the item is delivered safely, right? And this is where the company needs to maintain standards. If the product packaging is secure and allows the items to be delivered safely, it will create a good impression of the business.
  • Build a relationship: no company can survive without repeat sales and a base of loyal customers. The online aspect of your business attracts sales, but a stable relationship is only built when you maintain high standards throughout the process. The moment they receive the product in their mail, it is where the relationship starts from. And a good custom-designed box will be the starting point of this loyalty to the brand. A well-presented package will help the consumer to believe in your service.
  • Create an impression: apart from the consumer-business trust, it is important to make a good impression on the customer. The packaging might not be used online, but it is important once the product is delivered to the buyer’s doorstep. If the packaging is well designed and attractive, they will feel validated and believe that they have made a good decision to shop with you. A good first impression goes a long way.
  • Branding: Not only does it help you to stand out from competitors, but the Custom packaging also helps the items to have an identity of their own. You can advertise your business effectively using these boxes. Take Amazon, which uses custom boxes to advertise its logo. Branding is very important when it comes to establishing the name of the company. You do not want to send a plain box with the product details written on it, which will be discarded by the individual without a second thought. Instead, customize the box in a way that it makes the product feel valuable. It should show that your company is unique. Use various designs and techniques to make a special box for your special customers.
  • It adds value to the product: we all like receiving beautifully wrapped boxes with goods. We pay for the product, but what if the packaging is also equally special? It will create a good impact and make the items feel more valuable to the customer. Some people might even like the packaging to the extent that they reuse it, instead of throwing it away. This shows the value of good wrapping. Also, it adds to the “unboxing experience” of the product.
  • Functionality: and the most important feature of custom packaging is that it helps you to protect your product, while it is being shipped. A good box will help to protect it from careless handling, or any exposure from sunlight, heat, moisture, etc. It helps in the effective storage and warehousing of the item, which is one of the most important aspects of an inline business store. The delivery process can take some time and requires a packaging that sustains the product for that.

Therefore, we can easily see how the packaging is very crucial to get right, regardless of whether you are operating in a brick-and-mortar store, or online.

Businesses do not work like they used to do in the past. A lot of things have changed since the past. It used to be a big thing to own a business; it must have a big building, a name, well-dressed and suited employees and the whole network working over and under each other.

The world we live in does not define a business that it used to be but any entity that offers good and high-quality products is a business. There are a lot of businesses running all around the world on smaller levels such as bakery businesses from home is the hottest trend.  People are using their baking talent to earn from it.

Wholesale Donut Boxes

What is the problem then?

With the changing trends and a lot of innovations, the competition has also increased and it may not be impossible but surely is hard for home-based businesses to make their mark in the market.

A not possible factor is worth discussing further.

So, if you are running a bakery business from home and having a hard time getting recognized, it is important for you to work on your packaging a little more.


It is the way to go for you. Customized donut boxes are made according to the need and requirement of the product in terms of shapes, personalized printing, sizes, and laminations, etc. to make them professional.

For smaller businesses, it is important to send out their products in customized boxes as they play a significant role in creating a brand.

Better presentation

Talking about the presentation, half of the taste of bakery items comes from the way they are presented.

Custom boxes are proved to make them look more attractive. Unique shapes enhance the appearance of the product such as window cut-out packing showcase the product in the most stylish and trendy manner. These boxes can be printed with cool and funky colors that complement the products.

Professional Brand Image

It is logical to understand that customers do not trust smaller businesses just like that especially when they are not making any effort in making their mark as a professional company.

Personalized packaging that fulfil all the basic and essential packaging requirements, build a more professional outlook. To create effective and appreciable donut packaging it is important to go for the material and designs that offer;

  • Protection against damage
  • Prevent contamination of the food
  • Gives an attractive and informative presentation
  • Portray a positive and expressive image of the brand

Cohesive packing and design elements help in professional recognition of the brand.

Incorporate quality

Quality is not only in the appearance or higher price! It speaks for every packaging and designing element from material used to, shapes, sizes, and even the information that is being put on the boxes.

Customers need quality especially when we are talking about food. Food items need more protection and high-end or eco-friendly packaging that are free of any toxins that could cause harmful effects on human health.

Cardboard and Kraft paper are the most sustainable material as they are made up of wood pulp or recycled paper; both of these materials are eco-friendly and free of any harmful chemicals that are used during the process.

Besides sustainability, these boxes give high-end printing that helps in enhancing the quality of the product and the brand on the whole.

To top up with the pop, use laminations in glossy or matte finished. It makes your ordinary boxes the most luxurious.

Create a connection

The secret ingredient that successful and bigger brands never share with the world is a connection.

It is important for the companies to connect to the customer on a deeper level to make them loyal. Customers’ oriented packaging is the most effective way to build trust among consumers.

Just as it is hard to trust a person without a name or particular vibe, it is hard to connect to the product that you have never seen before. Custom printing to which customers can relate to develops a comfortable atmosphere that calls for a long term relationship.

Donuts are not just to eat and fill up your belly but they hold a very special place in people’s lives because they are a source of sharing love, care, and affection with friends and family. It is beneficial for smaller businesses to create colorful, mesmerizing, and meaningful boxes for their customers.

Marketing and advertising

Word of mouth is the strongest marketing and advertising tool. You will be amazed to hear that product packaging is actually a topic of discussion among people. They talk and appreciate the products or brands that offer the most extravagant or expressing packaging.

Budget is crucial for smaller businesses as they cannot spend so much on marketing, advertising, and promotions. Here come customized boxes for donuts!

Attractive and eye-catching boxes help in promoting the brand in the most effective manner.

Every luxury is not expensive!

Customized donut boxes wholesale are the cheapest yet premium boxes that are in reach of everyone. There is no need to worry about the cost that could come on personalized high-end packaging because wholesale vendors deal in bulk. Bigger the order, lower the price.

Enjoy growing your business in style and affordability.

In the packaging industry, corrugated boxes are of key importance as they are the most utilized packaging solution now due to their eco-friendliness and prevailing green packaging trends. The feature or characteristic that sets these packages apart from other kinds of packaging solutions is their reusability for multiple purposes. Once they are free from their primary packaging duty, they can be used in many ways. Even though they can be customized and reutilized in a number of ways but Here we will discuss the 5 useful ideas about their reusability that can enhance their usefulness for you furthermore. They are very easy to give a new shape within a few cutting and folding steps.

packaging industry corrugated

Party decor:             

Usually we spend a lot of money on decorating our party places as the party decoration elements are of high costs and non-reusable, but we let our daily usage boxes as they are in the backyard scrap stores that are a free source of making party décor elements without any cost and with a little usage of creative thinking. By using these high end corrugated shipping boxes, you can make garland flowers and other alike elements that will not only enhance the beauty of your party but also help you in managing it with minimum cost. You can craft decoration elements in accordance with the nature of your party as they can be customized in any shape and design you want to develop. With a few cutting steps, you can make your party lavish without spending any money on the part décor.

cardboard Party decor

Magazine storage solution:

Are you worried about your magazine collection that is spreading all around? You can utilize empty boxes made of corrugated cardboard materials in this regard. These containers are exclusive to be redesigned or customized in any shape. You just have to give them a proper shape in accordance with the need of your magazine sizes and dimensions. Download the simple magazine file template from online sources and get them printed on your empty cardboard made containers. With some easy cutting and folding steps, you can craft outstanding cardboard made magazine files that you can use for a long time period. Even for book storage purposes, these packages can be reused to craft sturdy packaging solutions for them too.

Magazine storage solution

Postcards crafts:

Do you want to send a postcard to your beloved one to express your feelings, but are running short of money? No worries if you have any kind of corrugated shipping boxes. Just pick a utility knife or cutter and cut a piece of cardboard in 4” x 6” rectangle size and draw anything you can or want as you have limitless choices to give it a catchy shape and design with creative sketches, images, doodles, and many more that can help you in expressing your feelings effectively. You can also use the other side of that card for conveying your message. They will not only convey your message to the respective person but also express your emotions through their artistic look and designs.

Postcards crafts

Pet toys:

If you are in love with pets like cats and dogs but are scared of their nature to scratch furniture and other important things which are causing you to avoid adopting them. It is a known factor that almost every person comes in interaction with boxes in daily life activities. So, you should also be counted in this counting. Just be creative and craft some pet toys and specifically a scratching post. This will make it easy for you to adopt these pets and keep them engaged with such inexpensive and creatively crafted toys. The utilization of spare cardboard packages for keeping your pets happy is also a unique way to minimize the packaging waste from the earth. There is too much recourse available online that can assist you in crafting toys out of these packages without any specific hassle.

house cardboard

Cardboard guitar:

Kids always love music and entertainment items and when it comes to making them at home they become more priceless for them as this action depicts your love for them. If you are aware of the craze of your kids for the music, it is a very effective way to provide them amazingly homemade designed cardboard guitar as it will make them happy. Just utilize corrugated boxes that are free from their primary purpose. Draw the outline on the cardboard sheets according to the design of a guitar, make cuts, and utilize rubber strings with glueing steps. Utilize your materials step by step according to the templates that you can get from online sources easily. Now your cardboard made the guitar is ready to enhance the excitement level of your kids.

There are too many ideas of reutilizing these boxes, but described ones are the best and easy to craft and make the best use of this corrugated cardboard made boxes.