Top 3 Cryptocurrencies That Are Worth For Investment In 2020

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After the ban has been put off by the Supreme Court of India, cryptocurrency has become a smart digital choice for investment. In the current year, there are some cryptocurrencies which can be considered as the best option for investment. Don’t get bothered about the current corona pandemic to rethink about your decision for initiating in the crypto investment. So if you are inquisitive to know about cryptocurrencies that are worth investing in 2020, then read the article till the end.

Don’t Stick To Cryptocurrency Current Rate

But before taking your next step in opting for any cryptocurrency for investment, it is better to know some factors that are worth consideration. Even though there is a devaluation in the trend of cryptocurrency in 2019, there are coins which have the potential to be considered for long term Return on investment. Don’t get so glued to the current crypto rate as it is most volatile. One can expect unpredictable changes at any time. However, you must know about some indicators that are essential before knowing about cryptocurrencies that are worth for investment in 2020. These indicators will help crypto investors in curtailing risks and will also enhance ROI.

Try not to focus on the same asset. This is the blunder mistake that most of the investors repeatedly commit. This led to the loss of money when dealing with first money crashes. Diversification of investment portfolio is the best solution to avoid such happening. It is important for all investors, who can expect profits by any of the chosen cryptocurrency. This will also make them less prone to losses. 

Avoid being assured of one data source. Always prefer multiple sources including brokers, forums, or even chats. Besides this, you can even go for an expert opinion. Understanding and noticing are also ways to choose cryptocurrencies that are worth for investment. This will also help in getting familiar with the volatile market. 

Cryptocurrencies That Are Worth For Investment

Now let us get back to our main topic which is to know about those cryptocurrencies that are worth investment. Here are they:


Topping the list is Bitcoin. It is expected to result in 65 – 70% as a dominance index in contrary to its rival coins. It is the right time to invest in Bitcoin as it is expected to become the digital currency with a large market cap. The ecosystem of BTC is also expected to be changed by Lightning Network. It will make Bitcoin finding its use in e-commerce and even in decentralized applications. The future Bitcoin price is estimated to be $500K. It can even exceed $1 million.


Among the top cryptocurrencies that are worth for investment in 2020 is Ripple. After partnering with eminent players of the financial market, Ripple has become has really proved its worth in the crypto industry. In fact, its cryptocurrency, XRP, is even called as ‘king of banking infrastructure’.


Coming up the next best option is NEO. This digital currency has overpassed stereotypes and is now aiming to combine real and digital assets. Because of its rapid growth demand, the appliance of NEO cannot be doubted. NEO price prediction 2020 ranges between $328 but can even cross to $504.


So these are those top 3 cryptocurrencies that are worth investing in 2020. Now you have the top 3 options to choose any of these cryptocurrencies for investment in the year 2020. Don’t forget the step of diversification of the investment portfolio as it will sure you about at least one crypto asset to bring satisfactory results and will make you less prone to losses. Besides this, you must prefer an authentic exchange service and financial advisors or brokers in keeping your investments safe from any cheating. Including crypto coins in the asset portfolio as sooner you can as Bitcoin is still the best choice for investment.

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