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The Canon Pixma line of printers area unit versatile and powerful tools for business house owners, however, it’s vital to understand what to try to once Canon printer not printing properly. this may prevent tidy time and cash. Having some basic troubleshooting skills can assist you to create the foremost of your printer whereas saving cash on provides.

Updating the Driving For Canon Printer not Printing

Even if your Canon Pixma printer had been operating properly however currently Canon Printer not printing, the matter may well be as easy as associate degree out-of-date or corrupt printer driver. generally, updates from Microsoft will cause conflicts with printer drivers and different items of hardware, therefore it’s vital to visualize the drivers and update them if necessary. To update the printer driver, merely right-click on “My laptop,” select “Properties” from the menu and click on the “Hardware” tab. Click on “Device Manager” and appearance for your printer. once you have got found the printer, highlight it, right-click and select “Update Driver” from the menu. Windows can then hunt for and install the right driver.

Clean the Print Heads

To keep your Canon Pixma printer running properly but Canon Printer not printing, you’ll clean the print heads from time to time. this may make sure the correct color balance and even create the print cartridges last longer. to scrub the print heads, click on “Options” and so “Clean Print Heads.” Follow the prompts.

Clearing Paper Jams

If your Pixma printer is experiencing paper jams, the primary step is to raise the plastic cowl on the printer. rummage around for any jam-packed paper and punctiliously pull that paper out from rock bottom. Unload all of the paper from the receptacle, fan the paper and reload is the main reason for Canon Printer not printing receptacle. merely fanning the paper will stop several paper jams as a result of wetness will accumulate within the printer over time, particularly if the wetness level has been high.

The five most typical causes of Canon Printer not printing or light-weight or light prints:

1. Low ink and toner levels

As mentioned on top of, your cartridges may merely be empty or running low, therefore provide them a check. you’ll try this on your computer by attending to the panel and searching at your printer properties/cartridge standing. Its the main Cause for Canon Printer not printing. This will tell you specifically what proportion ink or toner is left within the cartridges and whether or not they area unit inflicting a drag. conjointly for inkjet printers, make certain the nozzles on the cartridges aren’t blocked and don’t have dried material preventing the flow of ink. If they do, clean them with a gently dampened material (making positive your printer is turned off and cartridges are removed first).

If you have got an electrostatic printer, it’s conjointly priced giving your toner cartridge a shake (make positive you don’t try this with associate degree cartridge otherwise you may find yourself spilling ink on yourself or your surroundings). This redistributes the toner powder round the cartridge, providing you with quite a few a lot of pages before you wish to interchange it. simply grab the cartridge with each hand and gently shake it from aspect to aspect, Canon Printer not printing and up and down, for regarding ten seconds. Then pop it back to your printer and check out printing.

2. Toner jutting to your fuser roller or issues with the transfer roller

Problems with the fuser roller – Ghosted pictures on the page

In your electrostatic printer, the fuser is that the half that heats the toner powder, serving it to stay and seal the paper to form a print. (Find out a lot of regarding however optical maser printers work). often, the toner will keep on with a fuser’s higher roller. this might somewhat be your downside if you’ll see a ghosted image of your Canon Printer not printing in other places on the page. this happens as a result of the last item that was written out leaves toner particles that weren’t fully thawed stuck to the fuser, once the consequent issue is written it then transfers onto the paper and provides the result of a faint phantasmal image over the highest of the new print out.

Ghosting may be a positive sign of a drag with the fuser. attempt removing your fuser unit (after unplugging your printer) and check to check if the higher roller has toner stuck thereto. If it does, then it’s in all probability price substitution it with a replacement one that you must be ready to obtain on-line and find one delivered pretty quickly.

Problems with the transfer roller

Your transfer roller uses its electrical charge to induce the toner from your cartridge’s drum unit onto the page. Sometimes, it should be incorrectly positioned in your Canon Printer not printing, inflicting those light-weight prints. rigorously take away it victimization the hooks it comes with and checks out inserting it once more. once properly inserted, it ought to look nice and flat. (If you’re having to bother removing it, don’t run off the tools or try to rip it out! raise a technician for assistance).

Canon Printer not printing

Canon Printer not printing

Alternatively, it may have one thing on its surface that’s having a prejudicial result on its electrical charge and, thus, its ability to transfer toner Canon Printer not printing properly onto your page, inflicting a faint print. attempt to not bit the surface together with your hands as this might create it even worse! Either wipe the surface with a dry material or use a will of compressed gas to blow it clean.

3. an occasional ink/toner density setting

Some printers enable you to vary the density settings of your ink and toner. Unbeknownst to you, your default setting may well be low, inflicting you to induce those faint prints. If your printer will have ink/toner density settings, you must be ready to notice them once you’ve clicked on your printer in ‘Devices & Printers.’ If it’s like you’re Canon Printer not printing at an occasional density, increase it slightly and so attempt printing.

  1. Your printer can be placed in a district of low or high wetness

We lined this a short time past, however, the wetness in your workplace will really have an effect on the performance of your printer. every ink or toner cartridge associate degreed conjointly the paper you employ has an optimum operational wetness rating and if the wetness is just too high, issues will quickly occur. If your Canon printer not printing is in an exceeding space that’s got an occasional wetness level, the ink will have a reasonably robust job having the ability to line and dry properly on the page, inflicting prints that look faint and light-weight. the simplest place for your printer to be is somewhere that’s neither too wet or not wet enough! And bear in mind that wetness levels can take issue looking at the time of year.

Another reason for faint prints caused by high wetness in your workplace is that the paper you’re printing on will get damp or absorb water within the air around it inflicting the paper to a slight ripple and become uneven. Then after you try and print, the ink or toner is distributed erratically across the page and you get poor quality light print outs. an honest tip is to maneuver any spare paper into a dry non-humid space wherever you recognize it is often unbroken in tip-high condition.

5. Inkjet print heads area unit blocked or air bubbles area unit treed within the ink well.

For inkjet printer house owners, over an amount of consistent use the mechanism that transfers the droplets of ink on to the paper referred to as the print head will become blocked or clocked and cause faint Canon Printer not printing or missing areas of print on the paper. Another cause for light areas of print is often air bubbles treed within the cartridge well. The air bubbles area unit pushed out of the cartridge rather than the ink driblet and you get missing areas of print on the paper.

The solution or fix to every one of those issues is to induce an awfully gently dampened material and to scrub the ink cartridges wherever the ink comes out. take away the ink cartridges before you are doing this and watch out to not get any ink on your skin or wear because it is often terribly troublesome Canon Printer not responding to get rid of. After you have got clean the cartridges, run the print head improvement method from your printer menu or computer. To filter any air bubbles that will be treed within, once the primary print head clean method, wait a pair of hours and run another clean method and repeat till three to four improvement processes are through with a pair of hour break in between. It’s vital to attend a couple of hours in between otherwise you might create the hindering of the print head worse.

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