Benefits Of Choosing To Open A Promotional Products Franchise

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Franchising is a very good marketing technique that many different types of organizations implement. It is a popular business strategy and helps towards the expansion of any business. Some of the popular franchises include Subway, McDonalds, UPS and many more. Investment in a franchise is also quite straight forward. Promotional products are very popular for the marketing campaign of any type of business. A promotional product franchise or a screen printing franchise is one of the simplest to set up and be successful at.

There are many reasons this is one of the best options for a franchise although it will mean having to deal with promotional products distributor as well. This article describes what promotional products are and the benefits of opting for a promotional products franchise.

What are Promotional Products?

A screen printing franchise is an ideal choice for a startup as well as for a well-established business. This is an industry that has steady growth and is estimated to be worth approximately $18 Billion. A high percentage of consumers do not mind accepting a promotional item and tend to use it on a regular basis. A promotional item is like a business card for a firm and the consumers are more likely to purchase from the brand on the promotional item instead of looking elsewhere. It is a highly effective marketing strategy that is applicable to a wide range of businesses.

There are many benefits of a business using such products:

  • Distributing promotional items like apparel, stationery, etc. is very effective.
  • It helps improve customer loyalty.
  • A customer is more likely to choose your firm over the competitors due to the promotional products.
  • This is a good alternative over conventional methods of marketing.
  • It will cost less for a business to come up with a good marketing strategy and there is the added advantage that the merchandise also doubles as a business card.
  • It is a good method to generate leads & ensure a return on investment as well as boosts visibility.

Benefits of opting for a Promotional Products Franchise

This type of franchise will help your business stand out by first selecting a niche that you are comfortable with and able to operate locally.  It offers a startup a sense of confidence and is easy to set up. The market of promotional products is a thriving market and thus, is the simplest franchise to organize and capitalize on.

  • You will not have to work towards making your franchise a success all by yourself; you will receive the full support of the main firm.
  • It ensures your business will have an edge over others.
  • The secret of this type of work is being able to target customers based on demographics; which is easier with promotional items.
  • This is one of the simplest franchises to opt for in terms of efforts since it also does not require any prior experience.
  • The screen printing franchise is a proven model.
  • Approximately 83% of consumers willingly accept such products with an advertising message.
  • It is easy and tends to generate up to 500% more referrals from satisfied customers.
  • 53% of consumers accepting such products use them on a regular basis.
  • 6 out of 10 consumers accept a promotional item from a business establishment, tradeshow, convention, etc.
  • 85% of the consumers who have received such products opt for transactions with the business.
  • This type of product, when distributed to customers remains with them for up to 4 years.


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