Can I Sue Someone For Drug Offense?

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Have you been charged with possession of drugs? Whether it is for your personal use or sale, drug charges are a serious matter and should be treated as such. If found guilty, you could spend time in jail.

The only one who stands between you and prison time is a criminal defense attorney. The question is: do you have one on speed dial?

Even if the answer is NO, do not worry. Criminal defense lawyers in Pittsburgh offer free consultations for everyone in need of one. Simply give them a call or visit SMA Law Group today and they will help evaluate your case and provide you with the right information.

What if you believe that you were unlawfully arrested? If you can find supporting evidence, you could be eligible to file a (civil) lawsuit for all the damages you obtained.

Here are your legal rights if you have been charged with possession of drugs.

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False Arrest

There are many cases where people believe that a police officer conducted a false arrest. However, this is usually based on personal opinions. Most arrests are based on real evidence and arrest warrants, issued by the court.

However, a mistake can happen from time to time. And when it does, someone will (unlawfully) be arrested. That individual will be eligible to file a lawsuit. But before filing a civil lawsuit, he/she has to prove that they were indeed arrested without probable cause. A good example would be getting arrested for disrespecting a police officer. There are no laws that prohibit you to say what you want to say. You can disrespect a police officer and not get arrested for it; however, if you keep pushing it after several warnings, the joke is on you.

Assuming that you disrespected a police officer once, and you got arrested for it because the officer disliked what you said or did, you will most likely be eligible to file a lawsuit against that police officer.

Note: You are not allowed to resist arrest, nor to defy it. Even though you may have recognized the situation and realized that you are being unlawfully arrested, resisting an arrest could make things worse and cause problems for both you and the officer, and even put your life in danger.

If you are being arrested, simply give up trying to resist it and do what you are told to do. Save your talk and the energy for the courtroom. Once there, Pittsburgh criminal attorneys will use everything that has happened in your favor and free you from all the charges. Also, you will file a lawsuit against illegal conduct and seek compensation for your damages.

Private Arrest

Holding anyone against their will is illegal. There are many cases where security personnel abuse their power and hold someone against their consent. When and if this happens, know that you are a victim of illegal private arrest and that you have every right to file a lawsuit against those who committed the act.

Note: private security personnel is allowed to detain you under suspicion of a crime. This is to investigate the situation or hold you in place until the police arrive. However, this can be done ONLY if the personnel is 100 percent sure that you were or about to commit a crime.

Every guard or security personnel that is using force, threatening to use force or using any other means of aggressive behavior to detain a customer or an individual, is committing illegal detention and can be sued by the defendant. For more information, phone criminal attorneys in Pittsburgh and schedule your initial free consultation today.

Everyone Can Make A Mistake

If the court issues a warrant for your arrest, you will be arrested and detained by the police. However, if the court realizes that the information they found was fabricated or false, you will be discharged. In this specific case, you will not be able to sue anyone.

But, there is a twist; if the officer who detained you used force or illegal behavior to force you to comply, or to impose fear on you, you have every right to sue that police officer for their illegal behavior. Do not hesitate to do so, and do not let anyone intimidate you or mistreat you.

Once you are discharged, you could also file a lawsuit against the person whose false allegations caused everything. Remember that you should always consult with an attorney before doing anything.

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Defamation of Character

Assume that you were falsely accused of a sexual assault, rape or other sex crime. As a result, you have lost your job, your reputation in your community and your family members and friends have distanced themselves from you. And during the trial, there was not enough evidence to sentence you and you were set free. After an event like this one, you are eligible to file a defamation of character lawsuit.

Such a lawsuit can target an individual whose oral or written communication (with intent to harm your reputation) caused your suffering. If you can prove that their statements were false and not based on any event or actions and that they only did so to harm you or your reputation, you will be able to bring a civil lawsuit for defamation of character.

One thing to consider is that if you are charged with domestic violence, it will be almost impossible to prove that you were indeed falsely accused. You will need all the help that you can get. Always start by consulting with Pittsburgh criminal attorneys. Once they review your case and hear your story, they will know exactly what to do next. The investigation may be a bit long, so you will have to be patient and endure everything that you are going through. Once your name is cleared, you will receive substantial compensation for your suffering and will be able to continue with your life.

Nothing goes without an attorney. If you want to save your life from a certain disaster, give them a call right away.

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