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Bitcoin which was once seen as suspicious currency is now adopted by many multinational companies, local stores, and supermarket chains. Bitcoin-based on blockchain technology was launched in 2009 with a decentralized model of operation. Gradually after 2017, when the prices of Bitcoin skyrocketed to almost $20,000, cryptocurrency seems to get popular as one of the modes of payments. Due to the ease of transaction, revamped security and low transaction cost, not only the e-commerce websites but the retail stores also started Bitcoins as the medium to complete the payments. Consequently the list of companies from large corporations to small retailers which are implementing the Bitcoins as their medium of exchange is increasing. In this article, we tried to mention as many online or offline businesses that accept Bitcoin as the option to purchase or buy the tangibles from their store.

List of Businesses Which Accept Bitcoin

List of companies accepting bitcoins

Let us briefly mention the as much names as we can in the list of companies (both online and offline) who considers the importance of Bitcoins as the mode of payment and added it to the list of medium of exchange:

  • Tesla: Automobile company Tesla dealing in luxury cars trusted Bitcoin as the medium of exchange because of the no dealership requirement and direct sale from company to customer.
  • BMW: BMW is one of the dream cars of the majority of people and if you are one of the luckiest ones who are almost there to have your purchase, then you must know that most of the dealers in the US are accepting Bitcoin as a mode of payment. (offline business that accept bitcoin)
  • Goldman Sachs: One of the largest Wall Street investment banking firms, is about to start crypto custody offerings and also Bitcoin trading operations.
  • WorldCore: Czech based banks enables customers to allow the easy spending of digital currencies by their cards allowing accessibility of international banking by global transfer facilities.
  • Subway: Our one of the favorite food chains started accepting Bitcoins as the payment in branches of some of the countries like Buenos Aires.
  • Dominos: Pizza! Mouth-Watering? PizzaForCoins offers you the options to facilitate crypto payments on some of the popular takeaways pizza brands like Dominos.
  • Burger King: Russian branches of Burger King accept bitcoin as payment for their finger-licking dishes.
  • One of the first online travel agencies to include not only Bitcoin but other coins or altcoins as their payment mode. You can easily book your flights and hotels by paying in crypto coins.
  • airBaltic: One of the first Latvian airlines accepting the payment in crypto coins from their customers across 60 destinations of Europe, the Middle East, and Russia.
  • Online portal which offers flights across continental Europe has started accepting the payment in the form of digital currencies. (online business that accept bitcoin)
  • Virgin Galactic: Futuristic commercial space flight venture has announced to accept the payments in digital currencies. It can become one of the space businesses which accept Bitcoin.
  • European School of Management and Technology, Berlin: With a number of executive-level certified education programs, ESMT Berlin offers higher education to students in exchange for Bitcoins as fees of the course.
  • Microsoft: Technology giant Microsoft known for providing the varied varieties of Windows to your computer system readily accepts Bitcoins as a mode of payment for its services like the purchase of online games and apps.
  • PayPal: World’s leading payment services provider, Paypal announced the acceptance of Bitcoin after getting corroborated with Brain Tree in 2014.
  • eToro: Retail FX platform eToro offers trading options like online stocks, commodities, currencies, and indices in exchange for Bitcoins.
  • Red Cross: Non-profit organization Red Cross allows donors to contribute through Bitcoins for various social projects including blood donations and disaster relief management.
  • Save the Children: Non-profit organization helping the children across various countries of Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, and Eurasia. Save the Children accepts donations in the form of cryptocurrencies along with other modes.
  • Sharps Pixley: London based one of the oldest gold dealers of the country and member of the London Bullion Market Association, allowed its customers to use Bitcoins to buy, trade, and store precious metals.
  • Website that offers the option to customers to book their flights, hotels, accommodations, and many more by using their Bitcoins.
  • ExpressVPN: Easy to use VPN service which is compatible with most of the interfaces like Windows, iOS, Linux, Android, and many more. It offers services in exchange for cryptocurrencies.
  • NameCheap: One of the oldest web services providers which is also an ICANN accredited registrar offering domain to web hosts like WordPress Web, VPS hosting, and many more. With traditional modes of payments, Bitcoins are also accepted by NameCheap.


  • Shopify: Leading e-commerce websites that enable the payments in Bitcoin through BitPay exchange to purchase products via online portals.
  • Bitify: It is an auction site that provides a platform to users from trading items for Bitcoins. Along with it, a feature of escrow service is also provided to ensure the security of users.
  • Tradebit: It is a digital content marketplace to sell and buy downloadable products by accepting Bitcoin payment.
  • OkCupid: It is an online dating site that brags to get you a suitable match after matching your given information with other members. Since its launch in 2013, it has included bitcoin as one of the payment options.
  • Xbox: Xbox games and live subscriptions can be easily downloaded using Microsoft after paying in digital currencies.
  • Zynga: With few of the popular games like Farmville, Castleville, Chefville, and many more, Zynga stands out as one of the mobile gaming giants accepting Bitcoins to purchase the updated versions of the games.
  • Bet365: Online casino website Bet365 allows instant processing of requests of withdrawal, which makes it highly popular among the community which is one of the online businesses which accept Bitcoin.
  • McDonald’s:  Food chain company spread across 180 nations of the world has started accepting the digital coins in some of the countries in exchange for their mouth-watering burgers and other products.

Many other organizations like Walmart, British Airways, Google search engine, AT &T telecom services, Starbuck Corporation, Alibaba, Uber, and many more offline and online businesses are looking forward to adding Bitcoin as a mode of payment.

Summing Up

As the Bitcoin is gaining traction in financial markets, various organizations are chalking out their plans and pondering on the procedures to include the Bitcoins as a mode of payment along with their traditional modes. Low transaction fees with a speedy transfer of funds without any intermediary is considered as a boon by businesses that accept Bitcoin. Whether online or offline, payments in Bitcoin can revamp the experience of customers.

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