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Bitcoin Cash Faces Algorithm Issue; Raises Doubts On Another Chain Split

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If you regularly follow the latest Bitcoin Cash news, then you must have come to know about the latest BCH upgrade. Well, if you don’t, then you have missed an update about Bitcoin facing a new tension brewing from DAA (Difficulty Algorithm Adjustment). It has become a matter of topic, where talks are on for the replacement of the latest DAA of the network. There are even doubts over the split of a chain. To know more about it, let us delve into this article.

In every duration of six months, there is always a formulation for the up-gradation of a plan by the community of Bitcoin Cash. However, in the coming November, there have been speculations about another split in a chain, among many users. Apart from it, there have been brewing differences among the BCH developers and within the community. The DAA discussion has been the core point, where the whole matter has been derived from. 

What Do You Understand By Difficulty Algorithm Adjustment?

A Difficulty Algorithm Adjustment can be understood as an algorithm, which balances the mining difficulty parameter. The mining difficulty parameter of all 2016 blocks was being adjusted by Bitcoin. But contrary to this, the Emergency Difficulty Adjustment algorithm that ran along with DAA was being added by its hard fork, Bitcoin Cash on 1st August 2017. In the same year in November, there had been a change in DAA on the BCH chain for balancing the mining difficulty parameter.

The DAA Feud

In 2019, there have been complaints regarding DAA by people. They thought to be manipulated. During this year, the matter of DAA subject has often appeared, but currently, the discussion on this matter became more disputed. If you are abreast of BCH news today, then you might be knowing about the meeting between the Bitcoin Cash developers and Chris Pacia, a BCHD developer on 3rd August. But as per the tweet of Chris, the meeting didn’t end on a good note. It resulted in a serious situation when people move out of this BCH developer meeting. However, Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, intervened in the matter and had a word with the supporters of Bitcoin Cash from both sides.

The majority of Bitcoin Cash supporters are not in favour of split in the chain again, but others have a contrary view on it, indicating split as unavoidable. Dennis Jarvis, the CEO of, looked into the matter on a popular social media, terming the situation as sad to hear. Emil Oldenburg, the CTO of, too had expressed his views on the brewing matter on the social media platform. According to him, the possibility of the split in the chain would bring adverse results for Bitcoin Cash. He also added that the motive should be to make BCH acceptable in being a simple, much utilized, and suitable option for payment. 


So the brewing tension of DAA (Difficulty Algorithm Adjustment) became much serious concern for the developers of Bitcoin Cash and the community. The meeting held with BCHD developer, Chris Pacia, ended on an adverse note when people walk away. There have been mixed opinions among the people, where one section does not approve of the split in the chain, whereas, others say, it is inevitable. However, Emil Oldenburg, the CTO of, too is not in support of chain split and regarded it as terrible for BCH. Well, let us see what happens in the coming time. Till then, keep your attention glued to the latest cryptocurrency news.

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