All About KNEO, A New Platform For Connected Edge AI Devices

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The growth of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has been becoming popular worldwide, day by day. There had been many apprehensions regarding its use and safety for investing. But amid all odds, these digital technologies much demanding in the contemporary digital world. And with the addition of artificial intelligence, it has paved new development opportunities. A lot much information can be gathered through blockchain magazines. Today, we will introduce you to the new platform for connected edge AI devices via blockchain technology. This would help in generating safe private networks, where data is harvested like digital assets. So let us know about KNEO.

All About KNEO

On July 16, there was an announcement about the KNEO platform by Kneron, an AI (Artificial Intelligence) specialist. The motive behind the launch was to integrate blockchain technology and edge AI devices for generating safe and networks that are personal and private. This platform can lead to generating digital assets from private data, that can be interchanged or sold to meet the needs of corporations.

Use Of Blockchain Technology For Creating Private Network

While knowing about KNEO, one needs to see how blockchain technology finds its use by KNEO for linking the number of edge AI sensors like thermal sensors, cameras, and microphones. If you are stuck with the term ‘’edge AI’’ and want to know about it, then let us brief you about it. Edge AI is a system where algorithms are processed, locally. There is no remote processing for sending data. This signifies an essential fact about KNEO, that it is not dependent on internet connectivity because most of the data is encrypted and safe. A central app monitors the stems and joins to increase the capabilities while data sharing and working together.

Selling Of Accumulated Data And Custom Apps

Another interesting fact about Kneron is it’s starting an edge AI marketplace on popular apps, like iOS and Google Play. This is done with a motive to motivate the open-source community for the development of apps that reform, modify, or mingle edge AI devices for certain objectives. Some of the implemented cases include maintenance of a car, health and care, home energy, home security, and lots more. It will also pave the possibility for a marketplace for joining consumers to corporations, willing to purchase or apply blockchain data in a kind of digital asset. The accumulated yearly driving data can be interchanged for different purposes like lifestyle, automobile insurance, or even shopping. Whereas, consumption data can be sold to market researchers, advertisers, and brands. 

Role Of KNEO In Education

What you don’t expect about KNEO is that it will play a major part in AI education in top universities of Hong Kong, the United States, and Taiwan. It will be helpful in the use of AI development courses.


So this is what you need to know about KNEO. With the mere use of the KNEO stem, it becomes possible for hobbyists and developers to begin generating apps. Artificial intelligence has been a prominent concept in the new digital world. The current developments in storage, networking, and processing have experienced a cut down in practical advancement. The partnership of blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence in generating private consumer AI networks signifies the intersection of two major lauded future technologies. If you are enthusiastic about knowing all the current developments taking place in the crypto world, then start following the latest news on cryptocurrency.

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