A Brief Guide on Yoga Teacher Training in Goa

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Whether you aspire to be a yoga teacher or willing to enhance your practice, yoga teacher training in Goa serves as the perfect way to fulfill your dreams. Undergoing and immersive yoga training in the coastal city of India is an experience in itself where you not only learn about the fascinating aspects of this age-old science but also savor on the magnificent views all around.

But hey, before you start packing and is all set to embark on your trip, have you considered the intricate details to learn about yoga training in Goa? If not, then here’s a guide for you to explore all the aspects of the teacher training program in this fabulous location to make an informed decision.

Why Yoga Teacher Training in Goa?

There are number of factors that drive Yoga lovers from different parts of the world to this charming destination. Let’s have a look!

An Idyllic Getaway

The best part about Goa is that offers you the best of both worlds. From quality yoga teacher training to enjoying your time by the beaches, Goa will surely fulfill your quest for wanderlust. During your free time, you can explore amazing locations that are a must see while you are in Goa. You can even go for adventure sports activities if you love the adrenaline rush and thrill. The cuisine of Goa is also highly praised and you can find plenty of options to satiate your tastebuds.

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Plenty of schools

Definitely, Yoga is a hub of budding Yoga enthusiasts as there are plenty of Yoga schools. Here, you would get number of choices and so you are allowed to know, understand, compare and then choose. More options lead to a better selection.

How to select a Yoga School in Goa?

Yes, as there are numerous Yoga Schools in Goa, chances are that you might feel confused. But it is important to shortlist your choices and then choose accordingly.

School’s Reputation

This is probably the most important thing to consider before you go for a yoga teacher training program. This would certainly be time consuming but worth the effort. Go through the reviews and testimonials of people who have already done their training from the school. Go through the website of the school and see whether it’s certified or not.

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Next, you need to go through the teachers profiles. You need to understand one thing – you are going to learn under these people for a month or so and it is crucial to know a little bit about them so as to feel comfortable and confident under their guidance.

Content and Cost

Everyone has different choices and so do you. Therefore, it is important that you select a course that resonates with your choice. The content of the course should include subjects that you are interested to learn. Now, once you have decided upon all the factors, it’s time for you to take a look at the cost of the training. You should always go for courses where the price includes the accommodation and food along with the training cost.

Average cost of a Teacher Training Course in Goa

The average range of 200 hour yoga teacher training Goa is somewhere between 1300 Euro to 3500 Euro. There are a number of amazing and certified yoga schools which offer yoga TTC in Goa that too at an affordable price. Though there are certain factors that affect the average cost of the Teacher Training Course in Goa such as:

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One of the key factors of budget is accommodation. The selection of luxury, private rooms or sharing room affects your cost.


Of course, the choice of the food also affects your budget. But, most of the schools prefer vegetarian and sattvic food which is cheaper.

Safety Precautions

For a safer and enhancing experience, one should never compromise with hygiene and safety. You must be aware enough to know and understand the importance of safety. Some of its part is related to safety while others are focused on organizing protection against fraudsters.

  • Hygiene is must
  • Try to drink mineral water
  • Try to go for check up if you are not feeling too good
  • Do not eat food that is kept outside for a longer period of time
  • Consume healthy and fresh food
  • If you feel sick, try to depend on Ayurvedic Medicine
  • Don’t roam alone in the streets at night
  • Be mindful of pickpockets and fraudsters

What to Expect from the Yoga Teacher Training Program?

Yoga teacher training offers you plenty of advantages both on a physical, mental and spiritual level. Check out to know more:

You will find your inner voice

Yoga has a greater impact on your consciousness and so it lets you to seek your real and pious inner voice. Away from the hustle-bustle of city life and intervention of various texting, chatting and what not technology, it takes you on a beautiful journey that lets you discover your inner voice.

Meeting Like Minded People

Yoga teacher training or retreats is a great platform to meet likeminded people. You do get a chance to exchange ideas, information, and knowledge and make new friends.

Significant Change in Priority

There would be huge shift in your way of living as your eating habits, lifestyle, etc. everything would change. You would get more focused on yourself granting you peace and calmness.

Yoga teacher training is a wonderful opportunity for you to explore the ancient practice of yoga from the roots and delve into the practice. But always keep in consideration the points discussed above so as to make the entire experience enriching and enhancing.

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