4 Signs of Roof Leaks That Can Be Prevented Before

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Out of a thundery stormy night, you escape to get inside your home. That’s where, you feel comfy and relaxed. But did you ever realize what is the main source of this coziness? Now turn back and imagine, you have to get the shelter in an old abandon house whose roof is damaged and in same stormy night there is no way to escape from blood freezing cold. This is what saves us from cold and shiver and other weather fierce. Roof is that part which protects from such furiousness of atmospheric conditions. Westchester NY is the city of the New York state where average rainfall ratio is comparatively higher. Therefore, roof leak repair Westchester NY is the frequently required search.

Some Roles of Roof to Home

Roof is the best part for home and homeowners’ protection. It protects you from heat, cold and obviously some irritating birds and animals. What roof does for you is given in bullet form below.

  • Heat Absorption or Repulsion
  • Cold Repulsion
  • Protection From Weather Effects
  • Safety From Intruding Animals
  • Privacy

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These are some of the features a roof plays role for. People just think the roof is just to protect from rain and other affects but there are also some other benefits as mentioned in the above bullet section. Heat Absorption or Repulsion is the best thing to notice. Roof repels or absorbs the heat to impact on the energy efficiency. Similarly, safety from intruding animals and other birds and insects is also an extra feature of a roof. This roof feature cannot be ignored when you talk about the roofing benefits. Same as the clear visual is to be protected in terms of privacy of the residents.

Signs of Roof Leaks

Roof before leaking starts signaling with clear signs of leakage. Although sometimes a roof may begin to leak suddenly but mostly there start to be coming out some signs of roof leaks. Local residents of Westchester NY look for the instant roof leak repair services. Because once rains start, it goes on getting incessant. Then it will be hard for both of the homeowner and roof leak repair company to repair the roof. Following let’s see what are the signs of the roof leaks.

Sign # 1 Fungus and Algae of Roof:

Algae or fungi begin to accumulate on roof mostly after the rainy days. A green or black mold start getting deposited on your roof. These algae gradually eat up the basic core of the roof turning it to be leaky from that very area.

Sign # 2 Tilting Shingles:

If you have shingles installed on your roofs then its buckling shape can be a clear sign of roof leak. Because tilted or buckling shingles are prone for the rainwater to seep through the shingles. This will eventually render the roof leakage.

Sign # 3 Ceiling Stains:

Ceiling or water stains are some of the clear signs of potential roof leaks. There can be a number of reasons for the ceiling stains. But most probably, cracks in the roof can be the major cause of this sign. This leads the roof to leak.

Sign # 4 Rusted and Clogged Gutters:

Gutters are the rainwater drainer of a roof. If the drainer is blocked then how come you can expect to drain the rainwater out of roof? This is why, if a gutter is clogged or rusted – then you’re likely going to face a severe roof leak problem.

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