2 Cool Methods for Finding Work in Dubai in a Short-Time

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So, you have landed in Dubai, and your plan to come here is to find work in Dubai for Dubai. If you come here for a short-time intending to find a job that makes you permanent in this Skyscraper city, then it’s entirely possible. Here is a secret formula of success in Dubai for those who are newbies in this city.

Method No.1 Dress up and Explore Jobs in Malls

Pick the Best-Dress for Job Discovery: Dubai malls are known for their beauty, height, and luxurious shops. If you are planning to become a part of Dubai, you can take a good start from Malls. But before tapping on any shop, make sure you dress up like a professional. Good looks matter, but you can make an impression through your language proficiency and your professional attire. 

Get Ready with CV Copies- The next important thing you need to do is to go to shops and ask for job vacancies in Dubai. Of course, you need to create an enticing CV. Take a few copies of your CV with you as you are going to pitch yourself. Go to the malls and introduce yourself. Tell the shop manager that you are looking for a job. If you drop your CV in 15 shops, let’s suppose you can expect to get a response from at least one shop. 

Pitch Yourself- A direct approach always brings the best results, especially when you don’t want to wait too much. It would be best if you sold yourself in front of the manager, so he sees your talent and thinks of hiring you. Make sure that your confidence remains intact while you are commuting with the shop manager.  

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On your resume, you should give your contact details like email and phone number, so if there is a job opportunity in Dubai, then the manager can contact you quickly.


Method No.2 Digital Job Application

If you don’t want to leave your home but are still looking for some work in Dubai, then another option you can tap on as always is an online job application. I always suggest to my friends to find a job in Dubai even before leaving their home towns.

If you get a job before you leave the country, then you have financial security and peace of mind while you land on this city known for its luxury hub. However, you can still tap on the best job vacancies in Dubai even when you have reached it. Are you wondering how?

Simple, go, and explore job search engines in Dubai. Tons of websites let you explore great opportunities. Fratres.net has a dedicated job search portal for Dubai. The best part of this website is that you can not only explore the job but get some job alerts. As soon as a new job is posted on this platform. Every day, tons of brands and companies share the latest full-time and part-time jobs in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, which you can access from Fratres. 

The next website to look into is Indeed.ae. You can make an account and start exploring the latest jobs after uploading your CV and profile data. As it’s just a dedicated Dubai site, you will get only limited job options, but this website is still worth a good shot.

Tips for Getting Quick Work in Dubai

Whether you go with a direct approach or online one, you must have a clear idea about some tips that increase your chances of winning some jobs in Dubai. Let’s find out what these are.

Tip No.1

 As you want to land a dream job in Dubai in a short time, make sure you don’t limit your search only to a few search engines or websites. Bookmark a few sites, get ready with your cover letter and resume, and apply as much as you can.

Tip No.2 

If you follow the Speed job application rule, it doesn’t mean sending the same cover letter and resume to every other company. If you want to increase your chances of getting an interview call, then you should try to customize your resume a little bit according to the job specification. 

Tip No.3 

Read the job description and add essential skills from description into your resume. In this way, you make the HR manager think that you are the best candidate for the job.

Tip No.4 

When you read some job ads, then you come across an ad that explains to you that the company is thinking of immediate hiring. When you suspect an urgency element in the ad. you shouldn’t just email your resume and cover letter but think of an extra step. It means you can go to the company and meet an HR manager personally. Even an informational interview with the company’s recruiter helps you get that job even when you don’t ask for it.

I hope when you follow these methods and tips; then it won’t be hard for you to find work in Dubai in a short period.

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