Why Paper Bags is better Than Plastic Bags

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Whenever you visit the market and make purchases, you have to make decision regarding the kind of wrapping you want to bring those materials in. When the storekeeper asks us to pick paper bags, it becomes a kind of dilemma for us.

Choosing paper would be better for the environment overall but it might break down in the middle of your journey and our products might get ruined. Our items might be safer if we select plastic but then it’ll harm our environment because it takes years to degrade.

In this article we’ll try to discuss why paper bags are better than the plastic ones and why you should use them in your daily lives.

  • Ecological Protection:

Protecting our surroundings has become one of the major issue in the word today. The use of materials which are beneficial and friendly towards our habitat is being encouraged everywhere. This is being reflected in people’s shopping habits too.

Paper encasings are preferable here our plastic ones because of some important reasons. Plastic bags cause have devastating ecological impact. They not only contaminate land but they also make our oceans dirty. A lot of sea animals die because of swallowing plastic materials that reach the oceans.

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They’re not renewable and UV rays are needed to decompose them. UV rays also cause huge environmental damage. We need UV rays because plastic doesn’t decompose on itself. On the other hand, paper wrappings are much better in this regard.

They also save the environment by storing Carbon Dioxide in them. When trees grow, they start capturing Carbon Dioxide from the surroundings at an increasing rate. It’s also stored in wood fibers. When Custom Paper Bags are produced, that Carbon goes with it without getting released. It still isn’t released when that merchandise goes through the recycling process. This has a huge advantage for our habitat because it affects it positively.

  • Recyclability:

Paper is made from wood which is taken from the forests. If forests are grown responsibly by replacing the wood being consumed for paper production, the net loss in wood comes out to be zero. When they’re used they don’t create extra waste because they can always be recycled to make other paper products. They can be deployed in further production of magazines, books and newspapers.

They’re highly reusable as well. They are also used for several other purposes in addition to the basic ones. Usually, Grocery Paper Bags are used for grocery shopping and the like. But they could also be used for putting clothes in them. Recent developments have made them much stronger than before, hence, they can handle more pressure now. The laundry put inside them should be completely dry otherwise they will get damaged.

Fruits Paper Bags

An interesting use of them could be to wrap books, especially children’s. When you’ve used your bag and think it’s no longer valuable for shopping, you can cut it from its seems and unfold it. After that, place the book at its center. Now open the book. First, from one side and then from the other to make sure that the cover fits perfectly. When you’ve found the perfect fit, fold it on both sides and secure it with a tape or glue. This makes for a decent looking, protective covering. Children could also doodle on the cover since they’re mostly blank sheets.

You can also use them as a wrapping on other things like gift boxes. The same procedure needs to be followed in which you place the box in the center, fold the paper around it and then fixate it there with tape or glue. You can then add stickers to it and embellish it even more.

They can also keep bread fresh for longer than plastic bags. In areas where humidity is high, pores on the surface of paper serve as important mediums for bread inside to take fresh air and remain crispy. Humidity can make foods damp. As a result, foods go stale. This makes them a better alternative to other materials in food related matters.

You can also feed your plants through them. The process involves crushing leftover bones and paper and then feeding the powder to plants. Doing this makes plants healthy and they grow quickly. They are also used for ripening fruit. In order to do that, you need to put the fruit inside a damp towel and then place it inside the bag. Take it out when they’re ripe.

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  • Reduction in Costs

They cost much less than producing plastic encasings. The material needed for them is taken from jungles, which is regular wood. A common misconception is that using wood would reduce greenery but that’s not exactly right. If one replaces the trees cut by planting new ones, no negative change happens. Since they’re being manufactured at a major scale, the production costs have been cut down massively. Bulking makes them cheaper than the alternatives.

Plastic bags are usually used only once and then discarded. They then pile up from place to place and create large dumps. Since they’re mostly being used only once, people buy more once they discard the previous ones. This means they cost more. On the other hand, paper coverings, even if discarded can be collected and reused. Or, they decompose causing zero harm to anything.

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  • Trendy:

They’re more stylish. They look more luxurious than their rivals. According to different surveys, almost 80% of the population thinks that paper wrappings that are beautiful printed are more attractive and pleasant. They’ve more appeal than plastic bags. Since more people are attracted towards them, the sales go up too. In this way the usage of plastic bags is reduced massively. And, eventually, plastic waste is reduced.

All of these characteristics make paper based wrapping highly beneficial and desirable. They’re environmentally sustainable, cheaper and more attractive than their counterparts. They can also be recycled and reused if handled properly. They’re also biodegradable.

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