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Crypto industry started with only a few crypto exchanges but presently there are thousands of crypto exchanges open to buy, sell or trade the crypto assets all across the globe. Recently, businesses are aspiring for their own crypto trading platform but maintaining the infrastructure and customer support is not an easy task for any company. So, the crypto space has paved the way to accelerate the way for crypto exchange by having the alternative of White label cryptocurrency exchange platforms. But what are white label exchange platforms? How are they empowering smaller exchanges and businesses by providing robust infrastructure? In this article let us discuss in detail about white label crypto exchange platform.

What Is A White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform?

What Is White Label Crypto Exchange Platform

Are you thinking of setting up the crypto exchanges? Are you also thinking about the chaos you need to handle while setting up the whole infrastructure? Don’t worry! You don’t have to develop a crypto exchange platform from scratch but just have to buy turnkey, the white-label cryptocurrency exchange platform which allows you to set up an exchange in no time. Basically, a white-label platform provides the infrastructure of an already established and running exchange to another company for the purpose of rebranding. White label crypto exchange software is a completely ready product with high scalability which can be customized as per the requirements of particular businesses.

Benefits of White Label Crypto Exchange Platform

Benefits of white label crypto exchange platform

White label platform has the following benefits:

  • The time needed to build the crypto exchange from scratch will be saved, thereby faster deployment.
  • Saving of finances which have been deployed to hire technical resources
  • Chaotic trial and error phases in the creation of exchange can be skipped easily
  • The initial investment can potentially turn to huge profits of the new exchange
  • With the option of customisation, white-label offers the option to be competitive as the leading-edge platform.
  • With extensive experience, risks of failure get reduced and best of breed solutions can be made easily.
  • Scaling up of capacity can be easily done without hampering the existing functions on the platform.

Best White Label Crypto Exchange Platform Solutions Provider

As the crypto industry is expanding at an exponential rate, the number of service providers are offering solutions or turnkey for white label crypto exchange platforms.

Platforms providing products and services of WLCE

HashCash Consultants

Software company specialized in Blockchain and crypto-based services and products also provide the white-label exchange software. Highly customizable with considerable scalability, the software offers the high-frequency trading platform while supporting all the major fiat currencies across the globe is offered by HashCash Consultants. Some of the specific features are order book and matching engine, CMS, document management, wallet manager, KYC Verification and many more. White label crypto lending solutions are provided by Hash Cash Consultants.

Skalex Country

High-level security and extensive customization are significant features of the white label crypto exchange software provided by Skalex. The product of Skalex has features like API integration, crypto to fiat exchange, enablement of multi-currency and many more. Skalex is one of the best white label crypto exchange platforms available in crypto space.

Infinite Block Tech

Infinite Block Tech is a cryptocurrency exchange software development company providing the highly functional white label exchange platform for digital assets lending. The foremost priority of this company is a security which has been the high concern of both crypto exchanges and customers. Admin back end panel, support of multi-language, trading matching engine, secured payment gateway are some the features provided by the Infinite Block Tech to their software product.

Antier Solutions

Various companies wishing for the creation of customisable crypto exchange with the help of turnkey opt for the software of white label exchange by Antier Solutions. Businesses might highly leverage scalable and customizable options for the rebranding of seamless trading platforms. With high TPS/transaction per second, options of liquidity, margin trading, smart contract development and many more features, the product of Antier Solutions stands out in the cryptomarket.

BitHolla-HollaEx Kit

HollaEx Kit was designed by BitHolla, a Seoul based tech company which specializes in solutions for Blockchain technology and services to the companies associated with the latest technologies. It offers a free white label exchange platform available as open-source with a self-launch kit which provides the opportunity to everyone to launch their exchange. With an intuitive dashboard and customising features, even the non-coders (non-crypto exchange developer) can develop their platform in a hassle-free manner. With the special feature of reclaiming, it is easy for users to stop the services whenever he wishes to close the exchange.


AlphaPoint has been operating since 2013 offering the high-end products to the users especially in terms of crypto exchange technology. A highly expert management team and people with the strong background of traditional financial systems are constantly involved in the development of white label exchange software which is sufficient for both primary issuance and solutions for secondary trading. Exchange platform currently supports more than 20 cryptocurrencies and a dashboard to maintain the list of customers, partners and also investors. One of the strikethrough features of the product provided by AlphaPoint is that it can be easily integrated with most of the banking structures, payment gateways and also fiat currencies in a non-chaotic manner.

Wrapping Up

White label crypto exchange platform is one of the solutions provided by crypto fintech which can help in accelerating the crypto movement. Presently, there are more than 3000 cryptocurrencies and hundreds of crypto exchanges (both centralised and decentralized) for the convenience of customers. But as the industry is expanding at a higher pace, the need for the exchanges will also increase with new products and services. As the crypto industry is becoming lucrative for investors in terms of gaining extra money, consultants, developers, fintech companies also find the opportunities in the crypto space in terms of setting up the business and providing the innovative solutions for the better experience of already existed users and attracting the fresh investors.

So, if you are thinking to develop the crypto exchange, you must definitely try white-label exchange software so as to have the beforehand demo for your own exchange.

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