What Do You Miss the Most When You are Travelling?

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There are different kinds of people in the world with different behavior and thinking. Some people love to travel while others don’t want to leave their homes. Some want to explore each and every part of the world while others dislike it. Even there are many people in the world which don’t want to sleep without their beds, so they don’t even think about traveling throughout their whole life. While other people love to know about every country,  its culture, its people, and different tourist destination. Even travel-loving people spend years on world tour exploring each and every part. They love to engage and interact with people, experience different tastes, and want to know in detail about the norms and values of different people throughout the world. Even some people say that after a  rental traveling a few months regularly they feel like a job. And many people don’t like a job all the time. Many people start to complain about their job. On the other hand, some people love to travel even for years. It is better to experience new and great things during your travelling rather than spending too much time on budgeting and reading timetables of local transport within the city or outside the city. Even there are a lot of things which are even missed, travel lovers.

Interaction with strangers

It is a reality that more than asking for directions for buying something is easy rather than the same question from different people. Where I came from and why I was in their country? It is very hard for me to answer the same question by hundreds of people in the same country. But in my own country, no one asks me this question for a single time. I really miss this thing in my own country that no one was there to ask me the same boring question.

Eating too Much

It is very great for me to eat like crap in the new country because I love to experience new tests and new things. But there are the largest cases that you are in a hurry or tired and don’t want to experience new foods due to several reasons. One of the main reason which stops main to eat like crap is the fear of gaining more weight. Even fear of vomit during travel in hilly areas also stops me to eat and discover different types of delicious foods in different parts of the world. Cookies and snacks in the bus and quick samosa on the bus stop feels like heaven on earth. But it is very hard to stop me when a huge variety of delicious items was in front of me. This is one of the most disgusting things which I don’t like while travelling.

Low-quality food and hygiene

In different areas of the world while traveling I had an experience that it is difficult to get good quality food which forces me to stop eating more. It is also a reality that more time on travel it is difficult for you to take a daily bath and nap which obviously decreases your beauty. But during travel, I tried my best to take daily showers when it was easy to me but in larger case it was unable for me to properly get cleaned. Even for girls, it is very difficult to maintain their beauty and outward presentation during travel. It is very difficult for me to remain ugly and dirty all the time and capturing myself camera in this situation is impossible. But at home it is totally easy for me to get bath two times in a day and take care of myself when I need.

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Shortage of Electricity

The shortage of electricity is one of the major problems in most developing countries in the world. I totally hate when air condition of my room gets off. This shortage of electricity is also responsible for no television, no charging of mobile phones, and no light in the room. A room without electricity seems to me like a jail which is very terrible and inconvenient for me. I really feel tears in my eyes when I travel 12 hours on a train having a cell phone which was dead. But no electricity inside my room allows me to read books when the power went out. I used candles to generate lights in order to read books. I feel that the whole day of my travelling ruined when the electricity goes out.

Travellers around makes me Annoying

It is very hard for me to meet different travelers from different parts of the world. They are annoying as a whole. Travellers reached different parts of the world and it is very difficult for me to avoid them. They even talk to me many times and it is really hard for me to answer different types of questions from them. But I don’t really mean that I don’t enjoy travelling with other travelers. Even some people love to deal and interact with travellers from different parts of the world. But the main thing which is same in travellers is that we love to explore and know about the world.

I Missed my Car

I had a car at my home from my 17th birthday. While traveling it was unable for me to enjoy a ride in my car. While traveling it is compulsory for me to rely on planes, trains rickshaws, camels, bicycles, and automobiles. Even timetable of different flights and routes of buses makes me bore and annoying. Moreover it is very difficult for me to follow the schedules. Even it is very hard for me to arrive right on time. Due to this habit, I missed my bus for different times which later on creates a lot of stress for me.

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