What are the Top Tips to Stay Green after Earth Day?

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The month of April every year is known for spring season and it makes the nature vibrant and greener again after the winter season. April month is also known for Earth Day, yes the whole world celebrates the Earth Day in the spring season. This day reminds us that the entire world needs to do their part to keep it green and clean.One way is certainly by finding out more about homesteading.

Yes, it is the perfect time to take stand against e-waste and other polluting substances which cause a hazardous threat for our green planet Earth. If you are looking to build up environmentally friendly habits or practices, but don’t know and worried as well where to start, there are ample simple top Tips to Stay Green keep the planet Earth clean and green. Another good practice is to recycle your used electronic devices whenever these devices get useless for you. Make your habit to recycle old, broken or unwanted electronic gadgets because it is the perfect solution of e-waste.

Make Earth a Better Place

Being travelers and international inhabitants, we all get numerous golden opportunities every day to make small changes that can benefit the surroundings and it doesn’t matter whether we are on the road or at home. Making more mindful selections, instead of just doing things out of habit – is the primary and basic step toward decreasing consumption and e-waste for living clean and green. Every year, Earth Day is the perfect time to look for more methods to do better more frequently.

Several communities around the world are performing a spectacular job for a greener earth. We are far away from perfect but, still, we are trying to improve at all times. Wherever we are in the globe, these Earth Day top Tips to Stay Green and some stress-free methods to be eco-friendlier holidaymakers. For anybody feeling blue about their impression on the surroundings, to live a little greener in this world, check here the best information below.

When Is Earth Day 2020?

Every year, the entire world celebrates Earth Day with full dedication and several organizations arrange different seminars and conferences just to aware of the common people about the major environmental issues that we are facing nowadays. It can be pretty simple to neglect Earth Day, but this day comes between Easter holidays and spring break for school goings, so it is easy to remember for us.

So, when will be Earth Day in the coming year, 2020? All countries celebrate Earth Day on April 22ndand next year, they will also celebrate this day after Easter Sunday.

The theme of Earth Day for this year, 2019 was ‘Protect Our Species’, an effort to combat plant and animal habitat disruption that can drive whole species into destruction. The non-profit-making Earth Day Organization lists a lot of reasons contributing to different species endangerment,
• Climate change
• Deforestation and habitation loss
• Trafficking and poaching
• Unsustainable food production
• Contamination and insecticide

Some Useful Tips to Stay Green at Home

We should start this movement from our homes. According to my point of view, first of all, you should collect your old electronic gadgets and recycle your old iPhone, MacBook, and Dell or HP Laptops. But here are some in-detail small, stress-free, green options we can make in our houses and make them a habit this year. As we know that it is our responsibility to clean our environment.

  1.  Make a just backyard garden. It is the best way to recall where our food originates.
  2. Switch off your unnecessary electronic appliances such as fans, lightbulbs, etc.
  3.  Create a domestic droppings basket.
  4. Instead of hot, wash laundry in cold water.
  5. Open your curtains and use natural light, don’t turn off your lights in the daytime.
  6. . Even better, ride a bike for shopping 2 miles or nearby.
  7. Go with your local economy and shop at your farmer’s market place.
  8. Always try to Food Swap in your area
  9. Try to pay your all bills online because it is not just greener, it is a sanity saver.
  10. Use again scrap papers. Print on both sides (front and back).
  11.  Let your children color on the backside of useless or unwanted paper.
  12.  Try to judge yourself how much home energy you have used.
  13.  First check your local Craigslist or Freecycle, before buying anything new.
  14. Always prefer local restaurants and hotels that use meal derived less than 100 miles away.
  15. Repair leaky taps.
  16. Try domestic cleaners.
  17. Line dry your dirty and clean washing.
  18. On a regular basis learn about other nations or values, enhancing your knowledge and worldview.
  19.  On your hot water heater always try to Low the temperature.
  20.  After using your chargers of cell phones, laptops, etc, unplug them immediately.
  21. Repurpose your children’s drawings and sketches.
  22. For your houseplants and garden, collect rainwater and use it.
  23.  Change to shade-grown coffee with the ‘Fair Trade’ tag.
  24. For women monthly cycles, use a menstrual cup.
  25.  Instead of paper, use the cloth to clean your kitchen area.
  26.  Reuse your old towels and ripped shirts for cleaning purposes.
  27.  Also, instead of paper, use cloth napkins
  28. Read books for inspiration such as books related to
  • Animal
  • Vegetable and Food Rules
  • Miracle
  • The Backyard Homestead

29. Especially in the kitchen, reuse glass jars as waste vessels and bulk storage.                                                                                                              30.  In your free time, watch documentaries related to the food industry and environment. A few good ones are,

  • Food Inc.
  • Our Planet
  • Before the Flood
  • The True Cost

31. For recycling purposes, denote your all used or unwanted home appliances, electronic devices, and other stuff.


So, these are some points that we should follow every day to save our home planet, Earth. Don’t throw your used stuff into the trash, always try to recycle your MacBook, iPhones, Laptops, networking accessories, home appliances and much more because of e-waste it the biggest threat nowadays. Save the environment, save precious lives.

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