What types of videos every business should make?

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Videos make an outstanding medium for marketing and advertisement.

When it comes to delivering the desired message, videos are very helpful. They are effective for brand promotion and storytelling.

To publicize your product, service, idea, or message, videos can be a perfect tool. For instance, if you provide a custom mobile app development company in Dallas, you can make a video of someone enjoying the experience of using an app. similarly, if you belong to the food industry, you can show people having a good time together while eating your food.

The power of videos:

Types of videos have the power to convey a message directly as long as your video is watched and rather not scrolled down. According to Animoto, consumers 4 times more prefer to watch a video about a product than read about it.

A good content even has the power to return the production expenses through greater YouTube views. That’s the power of video that makes YouTube a great source of making money online.

There are different types of videos that can be created to meet certain objectives.  If you think your company requires a video advertisement, you can go through the types and decide what may work effectively for you.

Explainer videos:

Explainer videos are basically used to clear concepts and convey intricate ideas into simple, understandable, and easy steps. This type of videos is precise in its message and contains meaningful content in a short length of time. On average, these videos are two minutes long and compelling enough to garner the viewers’ attention

Besides, these videos can be used to teach users about the right way to avail or use your products and services. Explainer videos are really helpful to enable the audience to understand the services and its optimal usage.

Moreover, in this type of video, you are free to choose the video type; animated, live-action based or a combination of both. You can tailor these videos according to your needs so as to brief your audience on your product and services. These types of videos are also great at pushing people into taking action. This is why marketers and advertisers essentially include this type of video in their marketing efforts. They are also easily sharable and effective due to the shorter time duration.

Live-Action videos:

Live-action videos are largely used to capture human feelings and emotions. They are good at storytelling and compelling marketing ideas.

Live-action video, however, in some cases, can cost more than the animated videos due to the higher production cost.

Interestingly, the emotions that can be driven with the lens of a camera is way bigger than the grip of the animation. Animation has its own taste, advantages, and flexibility, and undoubtedly appeals a good fraction of people. Sunning up, a well scripted and a well-structured live-action video can do wonders because it has a solid message to embrace the users’ memory. These videos are good to leave an enduring impact on the audience.

Testimonial videos:

Video testimonials are used to gain the user’s trust. This type of video paves an effective way even to garner the trust of cold audiences showing up no interest otherwise.

It provides a kind of verification to the potential but a confused audience of how reliable your brand or company is.

There are two types of testimonial videos that can be made for any business. They are client testimonial videos and CEO testimonial videos. In a client testimonial video, an existing client of the brand shares their reviews, mainly satisfying, to the audience. While, in the second category, the CEO of the company aware of their audience about their brand products, features or services.

Promotional and advertising content:

As expected, videos containing promotional and advertisement content are used to let the world know what your products, services, and offerings are. These types of videos can unfold magic when you are going to launch a new product or announce an event to happen soon.

These videos let people aware of what you have to offer them and any other information you are putting out.

A call to action option at the end of the promotional videos can certainly bring conversions and help you accomplish advertisement goals.

Industry process videos:

Process videos make a different kind of impact on the viewers. It makes them aware of how the operations take in a specific industry and how well are their systems. Many companies use these types of videos to impact a good impression on their viewers about their company.

Whether you are a food company, or a web development company, you can share the internal process of your company through videos to let people know the standard of your systems and procedures.

Training videos:

Training videos are used for the training of employees, students, and other staff members. Today, companies use several activities, training, workshops, and video-based instructions and information. The basic intent behind all of this is to make a new hiring walk along with the company’s system and improve the existing staff’s skills.

A well-planned onboarding program requires proper communication through the necessary means and sources. Unsurprisingly, any lacking of information and instructions, in the beginning, might have an impact on overall job performance.

So, the rise of technology in every field has affected the process of HR as well. The traditional ways of onboarding and training has thus refined to modern needs.

currently, videos are being used for training and teaching purposes. These type of videos can benefit a company in a number of ways, including:


  • These videos reduce the repetitive cost of the training session.
  • They convey a consistent message over a longer duration of time so that the message remains the same.
  • Employees can use training videos whenever they need them.
  • Videos can be easily shared with anyone and save the time of many.
  • Videos are engaging and can be used again in case of any misinformation or misunderstanding.
  • Regardless of time and distance, the video can convey the message over the geographical limitations.





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