Traders by Day, Gamers by Night with the 6 Monitor Setup

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There aren’t a lot of similarities between stock market investing and gaming. In fact, these two are worlds apart in terms of what people do to become successful in each respective field. That doesn’t mean that you can’t be a trader and a gamer at the same time, however. In fact, more traders are starting to see the merits in gamers. Most particularly in the rig they use which includes a 6 monitor setup.

What is the 6-monitor setup you asked for? It is what you say it is. It is a computer rig that works with not just one monitor, but with a total of six. It’s an amazing setup that is used by both traders and gamers alike and it comes with many benefits. If you are hoping to use such a setup, then here are a few reasons why you really need to consider investing in one soon.


Right off the bat, one of the major benefits of a 6-monitor setup is efficiency. When it comes to gaming, a setup featuring multiple screens is efficient as it lets you enjoy the experience seamlessly. It would even be better if your monitors are all bezelless as it means that there are no borders that serve as a partition between all of the screens.

Whether you are gaming online or on your own, a multi-screen setup is amazing. The game takes up the entire screen while it is being played. If you have other tabs open, such as a tab for your social media to contact your friends, you’ll have to temporarily close the game. However, in a multi-screen setup, however, you don’t have to do this anymore.

Traders, on the other hand, can take advantage of the setup much better. One way to make sure that you are making the right trades is by having a lot of indicators to guide your bidding. With a multiscreen setup, you can open up numerous tabs featuring all of the indicators you need in one place. This makes  it easier for you to use the indicators.

Moreover, a multi-screen setup also allows you to make efficient trades all at the same time. You can monitor numerous stocks and options with a multiscreen setup. Usually, this would mean that you need to shift between tabs to check your other investment opportunities. However, this isn’t always ideal as once you’re on shift tabs, you could be missing out on significant movements at others.

Training To Become An Expert

Using a multi-screen setup takes a ton of practice. You will find it difficult to work on a 6-monitor setup at first but after sometime, it will feel very natural. These kinds of setups are usually used by experts who have developed enough skill and know-how to handle multiple tasks at once. As such, it’s crucial for you to begin practicing this technique as soon as possible.

Working on multiple screens not only makes you trade and game more efficiently, it also makes you better. When the time comes that you are back to using a single screen, you’ll see that you’ve become more focused. In video games, a multiscreen setup means that you need to be alert and more aware of what’s happening from all screens. Being used to a multi-screen setup helps you train your awareness. 

When it comes to trading on the other hand, a multi screen setup teaches you to become a better trader. Since you are trading on multiple screens, it will be a must for you to know how to make predictions properly. If you are able to see price movements from various stock options, you’ll eventually be able to understand trends much better.


Multitasking is a must. It’s key whether you’re a gamer or a trader is key. This will help you do multiple things that can help you out in both gaming and trading. It’s tough to multitask on a single screen setup. When multitasking this way, you’ll have to open and close tabs over and over. It’s not really ideal to do this especially if your computer isn’t powerful enough. There’s a good chance that it will slow things down.

In gaming, a 6-monitor setup will be used efficiently by streamers. Streaming in itself is a great profession. Top streamers like Ninja and Pewdiepie make millions per year playing video games. Of course, it’s not easy to become a top-notch streamer if you only have one screen to work on. These guys are most definitely using multiple screens.

It’s important for streamers to have multiple screens as they need to interact with their fans most of the time. One screen can be dedicated to video games. The other screen will be dedicated to the streaming platform. Other screens will serve as a means for you to interact with your fans via various social media accounts. Imagine doing all of this in a single screen setup.

As for trading, one of the most important metrics that will guide you to trading success are news stories. It’s vital to have multiple screens so that you can check up on the latest trends while you are trading. Again, you can do this even from a single screen setup but that would be tough work.

What You Need To Know

For starters, you need to keep in mind that multi-screen setups are expensive. Aside from buying a total of 6 or more monitors, you also need a powerful PC. Remember that not all PCs are capable of handling multiple tasks and screens all at once. As such, make sure you have the budget to have the setup in place.

It’s a worthy investment for your money though. As we’ve said, there are many merits to having a multiscreen setup.

A 6-monitor setup may seem like overkill for trading and gaming. However, with the benefits that come from having this rig, is it really right to consider it as overkill? Trade by day, game by night. A multiscreen setup like this will ensure that whatever it is you are doing, you are doing it at maximum potential.

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