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Although most people enjoy the idea of online betting, more people are averse to the idea of convoluted registration and deposit processes. Nowadays given the instantaneous and convenient luxury of the internet, people have a lower tolerance for slow and draggy procedures. They want instant results, as well as perks like a free signup bonus and understandably so. 

Recognizing this impatience as a practically universal problem plaguing the majority of the human population with internet access; here are some of my top recommended bookmakers with smooth and efficient betting processes, with detailed guides elaborating on their pros and cons.

Easiest Deposits

To start off the list, we have to establish the criteria distinguishing sports betting sites according to their regions. This is because depending on your country of residence, online gambling regulations dictate different statutory guidelines to comply to. For example, the British have a wider selection of betting sites as compared to Americans due to more lax guidelines.

Moreover, further criteria such as a variety of payment methods, user interface, and deposit speed are also key components to consider in constituting a good sports betting site. In essence, a good sports betting site may be defined by those with the quickest and easiest manner to convert real money into online transactions for betting; plus points for sites offering commendable customer service and attractive promotions.

  1. Strict Guidelines

Currently, decent American betting sites include BetNow, MyBookie, and Bovada. They’ve been around for a significant amount of time and abide by strict betting guidelines, proving their trustworthiness and popularity with loyal customers. Apart from local betting markets, they also offer overseas ones.

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Moreover, they also support a variety of banking options to facilitate convenient deposits like using debit/credit cards to instantly add funds to one’s account. For more unorthodox betters, these sites also offer Bitcoin currency with efficient address generators and minimal prompts for speedy deposits. 

Lastly, be sure to maximize their promotional offers and bonuses boasting impressive sign-up deals that can definitely grow your bank account fairly quickly. 

  1. Relaxed Guidelines

For countries with more relaxed guidelines, consider yourself luckier because you have access to some of the best betting sites from the UK and other European countries alike. These sites include Betway, 888sport, and 10Bet. Within their respective countries, local gambling commissions make it their priority to ensure every sportsbook safeguards their customers’ interest, securing them as among the most trustworthy sites to use.

Boasting their remarkable reputation and long-standing reign in the online betting scene, they are easily veterans among the lot. You can rest assured they have the most efficient and reliable payment options available ranging from credit/debit cards, e-wallets, Paysafecard, etc. You’re bound to find your preferred mode of payment on them. For newly-registered users, they’re also extremely welcoming via offering newbie bonuses and promotions to win their loyalty over. Specifically, 888sport is known to have generous promotions whereas Betway and 10Bet are more known for their ongoing deals for regular users. Therefore, with quick withdrawals and beginner-friendly user interface, these sites are the epitome of quality online betting experience. 

Deposits for Dummies 101

Now that you know which sites to go for, here’s a more-or-less comprehensive guide to making quick deposits in under five minutes. 

  1. Registering an Account

Once you’ve chosen your preferred betting site, simply look for a prominent “Register”, “Sign Up” or “Join Now” button usually located on the upper corners of the site. It shouldn’t be hard to miss. 

Next, click on it to begin your account registration by filling in your personal contacts like full name, country of origin, email address, age, and more. After you’re done, decide on your login credential and a secure password. Some sites might require an account activation sent via email before you can access your new account. Simply locate the email in your inbox and click on the verification link provided to activate your account. 

  1. Depositing Money

Once your account’s all set up, it’s time to deposit some initial funds. Look for a button on the betting site called “Cashier”/”Deposit” or “Your Account”/”Balance” — basically any link that might direct you to your account details. 

Under your account, open the payments section and select the option to fund your account through your preferred banking method. Next, proceed to fill up your card or bank account details accordingly to the fields provided. Depending on your preferred mode of payment, the deposit, withdrawal, and limit duration will differ.

(i) Credit and Debit Cards

Credit and debit cards are probably the most popular and easier methods for online transfers in betting since they’re almost a household commodity at this point. Used on almost every betting site, there are virtually no restrictions, low fees, flexible limits, and accessible internationally. Popular companies include Visa, Maestro, Mastercard, and Diners Club. Their only downside would be their longer withdrawal waiting time of approximately three to ten working days.

(ii) E-wallets

E-wallets like PayPal, Skrill, or Neteller are also decent online payment methods. Deposits are equally instant and have no notable fees. Perhaps one of their advantages over debit/credit cards is their faster withdrawal durations. You can expect to receive your cash within 48 hours of the transaction. Their downside however would be that access to e-wallets is not guaranteed internationally for all countries. For example, American customers don’t have access to e-wallets on online sporting betting sites.

(iii) Cryptocurrencies

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Now, cryptocurrencies are the less orthodox methods of online payment. If you’re unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies, it’s not recommended to use them just for online betting. The whole set-up procedure for Bitcoin and Ethereum is complicated due to their components like tricky cross-currency conversion rates. However notably, they have an equally efficient withdrawal waiting time as e-wallets. 

Once you’ve properly confirmed all your particulars for settling your money transfers, enjoy betting away!


These are just a few tips and tricks that I’ve gathered over my experience with online sports betting sites. This guide was compiled to be digestible for both experienced and new users to the scene alike. However, as these are only personal recommendations, feel free to do your own further research on the individual betting sites before you decide on committing to one. 

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