Top 6 Best Data Management Solutions For Analytics Your Business Can Use

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Businesses are constantly looking to find new ways to explore their data. This insight enables human users to make accurate forecasts and take decisions in a better-informed manner. In this post, we are presenting a list of some of the best data management solutions for analytics. These tools will allow businesses to effectively leverage their information assets and maximize the potential of their information management programs. Professional data management and EIM Consulting services will also love these solutions that will help them improve their productivity.

6 Best Data Management Solutions For Analytics Your Business Can Use

1. Amazon Web Services

The world’s leading e-commerce platform has emerged as a big player in the field of data services as well. Among its wide range of solutions for different data-related services is Amazon Redshift, which is a data warehousing tool. It is the world’s fastest cloud data warehouse that also has amazing analytics capability. The service can handle a massive amount of information to provide helpful insight to the key decision-makers at an enterprise. The platform is also ideal for evaluating customer data so that you can make personalized recommendations to your clients. Another aspect where Redshift provides great help to businesses is trend forecasting. It can analyze real-time inputs to provide insights to human stakeholders for making forecasts.

2. SAP

The SAP HANA and its cloud variant are one of the most well-known products in the data management domain. They use embedded machine learning along with advanced tools to get intelligent insights into a user’s data. The powerful business intelligence platform comes with data visualization and analytics applications. The tools can be deployed in the cloud and have natural language processing features. The in-built machine learning algorithms help in spotting key trends. They can be used for creating predictive models. Organizations can use the platform to identify a single source of truth for all their projects calibrate their plans in real-time.  

3. Microsoft 

The tech giant offers a comprehensive data platform that enables users to store and analyze their information assets in a simple manner. You can create an on-premises hub to fulfill your data needs. Its Analytics Platform System has a state of the art relational engine in SQL Server that forms the bedrock on which the MPP engine functions. The entire platform is supported by enterprise-grade hardware meaning users can execute their programs at a rapid pace. It is a scalable platform that will grow to accommodate a user’s increased requirements. It is one of the best and reasonably priced data management solutions for analytics that any business can use.

4. Teradata 

Teradata is known to provide an immersive data experience to users. Its Vantage is the leading hybrid cloud data analytics software platform in the world. It enables a unified and integrated environment with high-quality business analytic functions and engines. It is an incredibly flexible platform that can different types and formats of data elements. It also supports multiple languages and workbenches. This means that users can personalize the platform according to their preferences. The simple nature of the platform does not mean that it lacks in power. It is a capable solution that can handle multiple parallel operations. The tool can run complex queries without affecting the performance. 

5. IBM

IBM is another technology giant that provides a robust analytics platform for business usage. The IBM Planning Analytics is an integrated planning solution that facilitates collaborative efforts across an enterprise. It can be used to integrate all data sources into a single repository and enable users to build multi-dimensional models that can be used for making forecasts with greater accuracy. IBM also offers a cloud-based solution called Cognos Analytics. You can use this tool to visualize your business’ performance by creating intuitive dashboards with AI recommendations. The platform uses machine learning and visual exploration to discover new insights into your information. You can enable role-based governance to limit access to vital assets.

6. Snowflake 

Snowflake is another well-known name in the field of data warehousing that offers a high-performance solution for analytics. It simplifies your data pipeline to enable self-service access to information elements. Users do not need to conduct any manual optimization procedures and even then its modern cloud architecture can handle any volumes of information efficiently. They can consolidate complex and diverse elements easily. The solution minimizes the efforts required to conduct the different processes. Any user can operate the tool without any difficulty which means that Snowflake is an ideal solution for enterprises that are looking to promote analytics usage among their workforce. 


Every organization is incorporating analytics into its data strategy to get valuable insights that will enable it to gain a competitive edge. All the data management assessment solutions for analytics mentioned here are powerful tools with advanced features. They are flexible and scalable meaning businesses can modify their usage according to their requirements.

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