Top 5 Tips To Become A Successful Content Writer

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There is tough competition in content writing. Therefore, if you want to start and immediately reach the top learn to write quickly, crisply, concisely, and to the point. Here’s how you can do it.

Content Writing Tips That Ensure Success

1- Content Format

People see a lot of content on the web and they read selectively: they “scan” a page for five to six seconds in search of interesting information. Your task is to make it interesting to grab attention and easy to read.

Look at the logic of the readers: They look at the title of the page, quickly scroll down a few screens, and pay attention to the subheadings, captions to pictures, and the opening words of bulleted lists. If they like it, they stay and read. 

2- Pyramid Principle

Apply the pyramid principle. Place the main thing at the very top of the content. Then gradually reveal more and more details. This principle is typical for newspaper articles: it takes into account that a person can stop reading at any time. But by this very moment, he or she should already understand the essence of the text.

It is the structure that helps a reader to orientate and understand whether it is worth reading further. You need to know your target audience. Let’s say you are writing for students, mention the purpose at the very beginning, for example, write that the content will be about dissertation help. And then provide more details on this topic following a design of a pyramid narrower from the top and wider at the end.

3- Add Persuasiveness

Besides the facts, style the language is also important. Good material has several features.


Parts of the article should not contradict each other or the beliefs of the reader. Explain complex things in detail: give a definition, make a link, or write a series of materials on the topic.


The more detail the better. Support theory with practice. 

Good segmentation:

Divide the long paragraphs into smaller ones. Use heading and subheadings to improve the readability of the content.

Interesting Introduction:

Delight the reader: put “interesting” and important facts at the beginning of the article.

4-  Use FAQ Format

FAQ format is the easiest to read:

Is it because it is broken into small understandable pieces?

Yes, each one is easier to read. The question plays the role of a headline. You can make headings for paragraphs with questions, and give an answer in the paragraphs themselves.

The questions are very simple, is it on purpose?

Yes, you can afford to speak in the language of the reader, and voice questions asked in a non-professional manner. If the person is not interested in the answer, he will simply move on to the next question.

Are the questions specially formulated as if they were painted in two roles?

Sure. An inner voice sounds in the head of the reading person, which pronounces this dialogue.

But a lot depends on how the question is asked, right?

Yes. You formulate the question in a mild, slightly more formal form. Speaking out harder will make the reader skip the question.

What can the FAQ be used for?

This format can be used for almost everything. For assisting students who are looking for assignment writing services or for describing the features of a product.

– Is it possible to make headings instead of questions?

You can have the same dialogue effect. If you own a method, you can easily tell about anything.

5- Speak From A Reader’s Perspective

One of the most common mistakes is trying to prove the benefits of a product or service. The readers don’t care. They need facts. Therefore, when you talk about the properties of a product or service, explain what it means specifically for the buyer.

Explain in detail what problem the reader is facing. Then offer a solution without insisting that it is the only one and the most correct one.


The main rule of a good text is very simple – it should be useful. The reader is like a child who knows nothing and wants to ask a thousand questions. Give them the answers to everything in detail.

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