Top 5 Newly Invented Cakes For Your Special Events

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From the olden times till now, cakes have always played a vital role in making everything perfect and happier whatever the occasion is. They are the favourite reason to celebrate every little celebration. Cakes not only sweeten your taste buds but also glorify your special moments with your loved ones and help to create unforgettable memories. Whenever one of your friends gets sad or feels down, cakes are the ones that spread their magic and lift their mood ups with happy vibes. 

A single bite of cake can bring a broad smile on your loved one’s face. There is a long list of various cakes you can choose from for all your beautiful celebrations. From chocolate cake to strawberry cake, pineapple cake to butterscotch cake, fruit cake to red velvet cake, and many you must have tasted, but beyond that, there are unique and newly invented cakes that are trendy nowadays. If you are about to online cake order in Delhi to your loved ones, then you should know about the new cakes we are going to write in this article.

Unicorn Cake

Want to give a new initiative to make your child’s birthday a little more special? What’s better than a unicorn cake? We bet there is nothing better than this cake to woo your little one. The pretty and sweet presence of this cake will surely win the heart of your beloved and will bring a broad smile on their face. Unicorn cake will be the best option for a themed party for your dear one, which will turn the party into magical memories. Cartoon cake might be the favourite choice of every kid, but once they see the unicorn cake, their preference will inevitably change.

Rainbow Cake

Just make a try with this rainbow cake to turn your party vibes high. It is one of the most trending cakes nowadays; everyone loves that. There are seven colourful layers inside, which will surely bring a wow expression on your near and dear one’s face. It can be an ideal cake to surprise your loved ones as it looks simple from outside and surprising from inside. If you want to see the smiley face of your precious one who is living in Hyderabad, then you can get the cake order in Gurgaon and surprise them with rainbow cake.

Galaxy Cake

It’s newly added to the cake’s list and very popular during beautiful celebrations like birthday parties, baby showers, wedding anniversary and many more. Take your celebration cake game to infinity and beyond with the epic galaxy cake. If you think the outside is cool, wait until you cut into the cake; there’s a whole solar system hidden beneath the icing. You can get this cake from various trustworthy bakery shops, or either you can bake it yourself at home, taking help from youtube tutorials. The amazing appearance of this cake will surely woo your loved ones and lets you hit the celebration vibes. 

Watermelon Cake

All of us are a bit health conscious in our lives, and the watermelon cake is the perfect alternative to the everyday sugary cake. The only ingredients are Cool Whip, fruit, and almonds, so your dear ones can enjoy the yummy cake without sacrificing those gym goals. It is a different and unique cake from others that will surely add a new spark into your get together family or friend circle gathering. So, if you are about to order cake online, give a try this cake and get the new experience of watermelon Cake.

Insane Cakes

It is utterly perfect for those who love fun, and are always curious about something new. Now the cake industry has developed with these fantastic and insane cakes, which are one of those unique cakes baked depending on reality and characters. There are various celebrations like Halloween in which you can add this cake to make the event meaningful. 

These are unique cakes that you can go for and make all your special days a memorable one. We hope you love this article and come to know about some trendy cake which we have mentioned above. So, on your upcoming occasion, go through one of these super-duper cakes and enjoy every moment of your celebration. 

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