Tips to Plan Your Baby’s First Birthday

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Tips to Plan Your Baby’s First Birthday

You don’t want to end up in the kitchen for the entire party. Instead, you would like to enjoy every precious moment with your baby and family/friends.

Ticking off the following aspects will help you to enjoy your baby’s first birthday:

Prepare your guest list

Preparing your guest list right at the start gives you clarity about a lot of things like budget, venue, etc. List down all the important names and then skimp through it to check whether or not you have included everyone in it.

Stick to the mains so that you don’t have to manage a lot of well-wishers at one time. However, if you have a good budget then you can throw a huge party and invite almost everyone you know.

When to have the party

You cannot postpone the birthday party of your infant if it falls on a working day. But, you can plan your party towards the end of the day so that everyone can enjoy it.

You can plan an early evening party if the birthday falls on a weekend. The party won’t last until late at night. Moreover, kids, as well as adults, can enjoy the party.

Where to have the party

  •         At playground/park-

Planning a party at a park allows you a lot of space. All your friends and family members can roam freely around the space. You can arrange for picnic tables and/or benches at the park. Parks are perfect because kids get ample space to play around and they can enjoy the party.

  •         At home-

If you want to plan a comfy party, then you can plan it at home. You can limit your guest list so that your house doesn’t become overcrowded. This is because a fewer number of guests can be easily managed at home.

  •         At Playhouse-

If you have a lot of kids to invite to the party, then it is wiser to plan the birthday party at a playhouse. The kids can enjoy their time playing around while the adults can catch up on quality chats.

The choice of your venue mainly depends on the number of guests you are inviting and your budget. You need to have precise knowledge about these two factors before making bookings.

Return gifts for your guests

You are likely to receive several gifts, but you also have to give return gifts/goodie bags to your guests. As a first-time parent, you might not be aware that goodie bags can cost a small fortune.

Giving a useful present can become even more expensive. So, to save on some bucks, you can order wholesale gift wrapping supplies. You can utilize the saved money in choosing a lavish venue or perfect gifts.

If your guest list consists of kids belonging to varied age groups, then choose a common gift for them.

Prepare refreshments in advance

Your guests are pretty much aware of the occasion, which means they don’t expect a three-course meal from you. A healthy combination of appetizers and a main course can be quite filling for all your guests.

Since there are kids at your party, make sure that you do not pick a spicy appetizer. Most kids are likely to constantly munch on the appetizers only. Apart from water, your guests will need a drink, which keeps them hydrated all through the party. Make sure that you have at least one hydrating drink common for kids and adults both.

You can also call for a potluck. This will save you from all the additional preparations and you can have a stress-free party. You will need a lot of disposable plates, glasses, and spoons. You can search online for wholesale birthday party supplies and get them at a reasonable price.

Apart from these, you also have to entertain your guests with music and games. Include games that can be played by both –kids as well as adults so that everyone is having fun. You can search for games online as per the availability of space and time.


Plan Your Baby’s First Birthday party can be an overwhelming task. But, with the right planning process, you can plan the perfect party for your little munchkin!


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