Tips on How to Find a Freelance Dutch to English Translator

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Translation services can help your business reach more consumers. If you want to overtake your competitors in local markets, you’ll need to strengthen consumer engagement with your brand. One way to get that done is through online campaigns and marketing. But you’ll want to make sure your audience resonates with your campaigns. If you’re penetrating local markets, look for freelancer to work on any of your existing content. By providing content that’s written in the market’s local language, you have a much better chance of beating other brands.

To make all that can happen, you’ll need to find the right translators. Here’s how to get your search started and make sure you’ve got the best ones on your radar.

Start with Your Requirements

What are your project requirements? What do you need? You can choose between freelancers and agencies offering translation services. Being clear about the kind of output you expect will help you narrow down your options.

Look for Platforms 

Use a platform that freelancers and agencies use. That will make it easier for you to find the expert or team you’ll want to hire for your project. Check out their profiles, rates, and send them a message. With a platform, you’ll have an easier time finding the right person or firm for the job.

Consider Project Size

Whether you’re hiring freelance translators or translation service providers, you’ll want to be clear about the size and scope of the project. Some translators are much more suited for small projects, while others handle only big ones. Consider that before you hire an expert or team. The size of the project will also likely determine your budget and the rates that will work for you.

Check the Qualifications 

How qualified is the translator you’re hiring? Does the agency have the proper credentials—like a license—to work in your area? How much experience does the freelancer have? How many years has the translation company operated in the industry? These are just some of the factors you’ll want to consider before you pick a translator or team to work on your marketing campaigns. The translator must also have a sound knowledge of English tenses.

Look for Specialization 

Not just any translator or firm will do, though. Take medical translators, for instance. That’s an entirely different field from legal translation. Someone skilled at one may not necessarily be useful in the other. You’ll want someone who’s worked in the same area, who’s handled clients in the same industry as yours. By paying attention to the specialization of the pro or service provider, you won’t have to worry about making a hiring mistake. You know you can count on getting someone who knows how to get the job done and done right.

Consider a Trial Period

The best way to figure out whether you’re hiring the right pro or team is to give it a try. Consider sending a small project their way. Monitor the progress and see how everything turns out. Did you get the outcome you were expecting? Or, better yet, did they exceed your expectations? After that trial is over, you’ll have your answer.

Ask About Updates

How often will the firm provide updates on your project and its completion date? You’ll want to ask about that too. It’s crucial that you set realistic timeframes for the team, though. If you rush the project, you’re going to end up with less than stellar results. Talk it out with the firm or translator to figure out the best time frame that works for both sides.

Factor in the Volume

How much work do you have to send over? That’s a practical consideration as well. If you’ve got volumes of work, you’ll want to consider an agency. Smaller projects are often ideal for freelancers. However, please don’t assume that they can’t take that on. It’s best if you ask. Some freelancer might do quick work, so they can take on more than what the average freelancer can handle. Some agencies, though, are well able to take on a ton of work with ease and provide you with quick turnaround times. Consider that as well. Either way, though, you can sort out timelines with both and go with the option that meets your time frame.

Choose Communication Ease 

How easy is it to talk to the translator or the service provider? Are you both on the same page? Does the translator take your wishes into account, or do you find your instructions ignored? Sometimes, though, it’s possible that the firm missed some instructions. It wouldn’t hurt to talk to them and find out. It’s also helpful if you send clear and specific instructions. Vague ones are often problematic, especially when it turns out that you want something else, only to neglect to mention those details in the specs sheet you sent in the first place.

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