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As call center staff, agents have to be on their toes all the time. Since call centers perform the monotonous task of repetitively answering multiple queries of customers 24X7, thus their agents have to be spontaneous all the time.

Call center agents at several times feel it hard to meet the monotonous work environment expectations, however, if you wish to build your career as an employee in the industry, you have to be ready for all the challenges.

If we talk about inbound call centres, there are various things that the agents need to take care of for supreme customer satisfaction. Well, handling angry customers is the hardest, and agents need to take care of some things, especially for such calls.

Angry customers might leave your services and look for another provider, so it is important to take care of their concerns on time. The agents thus should be provided with adequate training and tools to take care of customers’ interests.

When the agents know ways of handling angry customers, maintaining customer satisfaction becomes easier. The best thing about maintaining customer experience is that your business earns a brand image.

Moving towards the tips for inbound call center agents, here we list the factors to keep in mind for supreme customer satisfaction:

Listen Carefully

Every call center aims to gain supreme customer satisfaction for its client. Organizations outsource to a call center firm because they want experienced employees to handle incoming customer inquiries. Many times organizations choose to go for a virtual option, such as virtual call center service, because they take care of this side of the business by working from home and using specific software, not from the classic call center offices.

Well, this is the reason the inbound calling service has to be the best. Since inbound calling takes care of the incoming inquiries of the customers, thus agents have to be super active here.

Every inquiry needs to be heard carefully so that customers feel that the business is interested in listening to their sorrows and resolving the same.

When the customers are angry, any negative step can make them even more horrified over your business services. Thus, avoid any such possibility of misunderstanding.

Agents should listen to the customers, try to understand their problems, and thereafter help with an adequate resolution on time.

Inbound call center agents have to be highly responsible and answerable as customer satisfaction highly lies in their hands. Thus, it is important for them to take care of loyal users’ interests.

Remain Calm while Answering

Inbound call centers have to handle repetitive inquiries coming in from multiple users, thus they should possess the quality of staying calm in all situations.

Agents have to handle angry customers complaining about technical issues, which is why staying calm is important. Answering staff should use an even tone while speaking with the customer. It is equally crucial to remember that the caller is not angry at you so do not take it personally.

To answer the caller in a nice tone, get into their shoes, and try to understand their concern. This way it is easy to find a resolution or transfer the call to an expert who can provide an adequate resolution instantly.

Agents should never land in an unwanted situation of quarrels with the user as it may leave a detrimental effect on the business image. Stay calm and try to persuade the callers’ interest in the business functions.

Avoid Keeping the Callers on Hold

When the callers feel their query is on hold and that the agents are taking too long to resolve their concern, it may make them more agitated.

Thus, agents taking customer calls, should not keep the calls on hold for long. Instead, try reconnecting them to an expert if you are not able to answer the customer well. This way the business maintains customer satisfaction and earns a brand image for the organization.


When the callers are irritated with some ill services of your organization, they will obviously shout at your answering experts. Here the agents play a crucial role.

Thus train your agents if you have in-house services or if you work with outsourced partners, instruct them as per your convenience to stay calm while answering.

Train the agents to try to influence the customers with compensation if they are angry, be polite, give them options to regain interest, and try to make the caller smile.


Inbound call centers have to deal with multiple inquiries all day and the best way to avoid any unwanted quarrels is by asking for apologies.

Yes, we understand that sometimes it is not the fault of the business and the customers become hard to deal with. Nevertheless, customers are the brand ambassadors of the business, thus always apologize even if it is not your fault.

Apologizing won’t make you small but will help your business regain the callers’ interest back.

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