The First 10 Pairs of Shoes to Keep in a Gentleman’s Closet

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A wise man once said that a man’s love for his pairs of shoes will never die — and that spending money on the things that separate his feet from the ground will always be worth the investment. Well, we couldn’t agree more about that. However, compared to a woman’s undeniable relationship with her shoes, there are rare moments that a guy would brag about how many types of shoes he owns, but the passion is there. 

There are several occasions that may require some relevant outfits with details that must be on point, especially when it comes to shoes. Shoes can make or break an outfit, which is why a man should know what shoe is fitting to get the job done. 

Unlike women, gents don’t need fifty pairs of shoes in their closets. Because what they simply need is a bullpen of footwears that can walk them to specific occasions and the seasons. When I first think about it, I came up with a shortlist of ten. Check out the listing below and find what else is missing from your collection. 


Dress ShoesDress Shoes

Would you agree if I say that a man is not a total man without his dress shoes? For me, it is a pairs of shoes that marks the maturity and manliness of a guy. Also, it is a fact that in life there’ll be always one reason or another that men will need to wear something formal. It could be attending a wedding, a funeral, a romantic dinner date, or a gala. You can keep a pair of brogue, leather, or suede, depending on your preference for a dress shoe.



Black Leather ShoesBlack Leather Shoes

Leather Black is always a statement to men’s formal wear. There’s just something about black that gives a man the authority and influence that anyone would want to see from him. I think if there’s one pairs of shoes that every man should start with, it’s a pair of black leather Oxfords. The pair has a sleek simplicity which makes a perfect choice for any formal gathering. Plus, it makes a smart investment, especially when your line of work requires you to wear something formal.



Work BootsWork Boots

For hardworking men, work boots are necessary to protect their feet from hazardous objects such as steel and other similar weapons. Work boots also provide additional ankle support if you’re involved with strenuous activities like hiking or lumbering. 





Duck BootsDuck Boots

There’s nothing else that could be worse than wet feet. But thank God for a pair of duck boots ‒ the pairs of shoes every wet-feet hater needs! These boots are made with water-free rubber which makes it a necessity if you’ll have to pass by dreadful swamps and puddles that literally become that street’s very own bodies of water. 




Street Sneakers 

Definitely the Toyota Camrys of shoes ‒ Vans, Adidas, Keds, Loyalti Footwear  ‒ that serve as men’s go-to pair for casual day-to-day use like running to grocery stores or walking your pets at the park. These street kicks are every man’s favourite because they do not just provide comfort and style but they do also last for years. 

Street Sneakers 


Training ShoesTraining Shoes

Obviously, you can’t just wear brogue shoes at the gym if you don’t want to make a scene. Since you’re a dude which means you do lift and work out your cardio at least three times a week, you need a pairs of shoes that you can sweat in. That’s why men’s closets should always have that special place for these training shoes. 




Loafer Slip-OnsLoafer Slip-Ons

Loafers are perfect for a line of work that requires semi-formal outfits. This stylish pair is sometimes made of leather or suede. While others come with tassels or buckles, some are just plain leather. Try them with a slim fit dress shirt and jeans. 





Boat ShoesBoat Shoes

Either going to the airport for some peak season vacay or just trying to get some casual stroll, boat shoes make a perfect sense to wear. These shoes are timeless ‒ that every generation would still want to wear even if our grandparents have already mastered wearing them for half a century ago.  




Outdoor SandalsOutdoor Sandals

Among all the footwears in the closet, outdoor sandals are not a hundred per cent necessity. But if you are the adventurous type who wouldn’t last a year without going on an outdoor trek like hiking which often involves stepping on submerged rocks or crossing muddy river stones, it’s smart to keep a pair that can wrap your feet in comfort without having to wear socks. Because, honestly, wet socks are gross. 





Technically not a pair of shoes but a total necessity for not just boys but rather everyone on this planet. Flip flops make a total beach day or just a day-to-day requirement. No gentleman would stroll around the house neanderthals. 





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