The 5 Best Ways to Choose The Perfect Cricket Bat

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When you will choose a cricket bat, you may face a little problem. That is, almost all of them resemble each other, and have the same characteristics but at different prices. When you’ll buy or will choose one to play, you should keep in mind some simple parameters that will make your job easier, and will help you hitting fours and sixes. In this article, we will show you five tips, which will help you to choose the perfect cricket bat.

Your requirements

When you will buy a bat, you should keep your requirements in mind. If you want to play tennis or rubber balls, a basic quality bat is perfect. If you want to play with polystyrene balls, you will have to buy bats that are stronger but, thinner. Those of this type are more expensive.
Ask the size at the time of purchase

The bats come in different sizes. If you are already 11 or 12 years old, one of size 4 will serve you. On the other hand, if you are a little younger, you will have to go for size 5 or 6. If you are going to play in the school team or in a club, the most appropriate size will be senior (SH / LH). There are several brands available, so look at different aspects before buying.

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Select a suitable wood

There are two major types of woods that are mostly used. They are the English willow wood and the cashmere wood. English willow wood bat is much expensive than the cashmere wooden bat. Because English willow wood allows hitting the ball further. They are stronger and they are imported. On the other hand, cashmere wooden bats are cheaper, and ideal for the beginners. Nothing is more important than choosing the wood.

You must consider the weight of the bat

The quality of the cricket bat varies depending on the manufacturer, and the wood. English willow bats are much lighter, stronger, and branded. When you will buy a bat, check its weight. Heavy bats are often made with conventional wood. There are the lines that are on the front of the bat. They indicate the age of the wood. If the bat has more grains that means it will perform better than other bats that have fewer grains, and also low price. Normally, those with six or more grains are considered good. Ten or more grains means that the wood is grade A + or player grade, eight or more grains means that the wood is grade A, and six or more grains means that it is of grade B +.

Choose a reliable and reputable brand

At present, there are many dependable manufacturers in the market. Prices may vary depending on the manufacturer and the model. Being Indians, we all love to play cricket. But, to play professional cricket we must learn how to play it. And for this, we need to choose the best cricket academy in gurugram. Here you will be guided under the professional coaches and expert players.

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